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Utah lodging recommendation

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I'd like to take my 12 year old daughter skiing in Utah over President's week next month.  My daughter is a very good skier - we ski in Vermont almost every weekend in the winter. 

I'm leaning toward staying near Deer Valley or Park City, but driving to Alta or Snowbird if we want to ski there a day or two.  Plus there are some other families we know vacationing in the Park City area and it would be easier to hook up with them if we were nearby, verses staying out by Snowbird or Alta. The on-slope condos seem too expensive for just the two of us, so I'm leaning towards a hotel.  We'll be there for about a week, I'm flexible with the dates since I haven't booked any flights yet.  I'd like to keep the lodging cost below $500/night and that's kind of on the high side for me, $300 would be better.  Being able to walk to a ski slope would be nice, but I'm planning on having a rental car, so that's not a strict condition. I've been to Utah only once - last March, and I only skied Deer Valley.   I'd appreciate any lodging recommendations and any tips in general.  

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You may consider this alternative.

Go to PM and save money for your daughter's college tuition.

Have a great trip.


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Powder Mountain looks like a great place. Nice trip report. But we want to do some skiing with our friends who will be in the Park City area.

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VRBO Kimball Junction Olympic park area. You could easily find a place for under $300. Not slopeside, but if you have a rent car, you don't need that. 

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I would have thought with your budget there won't be a problem. Yeah, always check VRBO first!

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