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Grass Skis????

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Anyone ever try these? For sale on EBay.

Grass skis
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Many years ago. Very slow & you don't slide vey much if you fall.
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Take a look “grass skiing”; it looks like a lot of fun.
http://skionline.pl/sprzet/index.php?ids=&co=galerie&g_co=mini&g_id=8&strona= 1
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Wow, that looks scary fun. Is it very popular in the states? I have never heard of it or seen it before. It looks much safer than the alternative in the off season - inline skating down large hills... not too bad until you fall. I would imagine that your boots get pretty nasty though. It would be helpful to have a second set of liners around as to not ruin your liners for real skiing. Looks like fun though - anyone tried it?
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Grass Skiing is mad fun! But I don't know about it being such a great off season training tool. They are however about the best thing in the world for your club/posse' pre-season beer & BBQ bash. Nothing like watching the carnage as your buddies are laid to waste on the lawn. Grass is not that much more forgiving than asphalt however; in fact it may be harder on your musculoskeletal system since you tend to slide on pavement (albeit leaving a lot of skin behind) more than on grass. I had a pair that lasted about 4 years of occasional though insane usage (see BBQ & beer comment) and then one of the tracks broke. Mine were Rolka's (sp?) with red tracks, I've never seen any with green tracks before and the ones listed above look pretty trashed out already. I got mine at a ski swap for about $25 (but that was around '88 too), if you can get some for $50 you'll have a good time but I don't think they are worth much more than that.

PS: They are very unforgiving of poor technique; and as far as I know they don't make shaped grass skis.
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I remember grass skiing having a period of popularity in the US back in the early 80's. They even had oranized race competitions. One of my racers went up to, I think somewhere in Vermont, to compete in the Eastern Grass Skiing Championships. He was our best racer but had done very little grass skiing, yet he won the competition, so there obviously must be significant technical similarity. Looking at the photos in the provided links the body positions are strikingly similar to modern snow skiing technique. Looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Seems like it fizzled out in the states long ago, haven't heard anything about it for years. I assume it was liability problems, but don't know for sure. If it's popular now in other countries, as indicated in the links, I assume equipment must be available, probably new and improved, and those interested in doing this wouldn't have to settle for some relic from the 80's equipment. Anyone have info on availability of modern grass skiing equipment?
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Yeah, my brother and I did 'turf-skiing' at Bromley Vermont sometime back in the 70's. It was pretty weird and never caught on, so they installed their Alpine Slide there instead. Anyway, doesn't somebody market some sort of all-terrain roller-blades - they look like short scooters with little pheumatic tires on them - someone posted a link to a picture here once. Seems like they might offer more control. Anybody tried them?
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Rollerblade makes an ATskate that has huge tires... and yes you have to pump them up. Each skate has three wheels and some sort of a suspension built into the chasis. I have always wanted a pair for regular skating on pavement so i could go anywhere i wanted - dirt, grass, gravel, etc. - but i cant afford them. They will run you about $300 and skis and my car are higher on my priority list. There was also a skate that had a very long chasis and two large wheels at each and with two smaller wheels in the center. I dont recall what brand it was - but they didnt look like they would have offered a very smooth ride or allowed for any angulation during the turn as the wheels were wide and flat with large tread on them.
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