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Ski on average 7-10 days a year for the past 20 years...

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I've owned my own boots for quite some time but have rented skies every time.  Just got back from a trip and won't ski again till the end of the year and have decided that it's finally time to buy.  Def going twin tip, i'm 6'0, 205 and the size i'm going with is 175cm which over time i've personally figured out that is the size I like the most.


Question is, and as someone that has always rented I've never learned too many specifics on ski specs, what else when I'm looking for skies do I need to be aware of?  I ski everything, from trees, to moguls, powder, to terrain parks (not crazy xgames stuff but i do jumps and boxes, etc).


Any help or info is much appreciated!

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I just read the rules and I guess this is not a topic of conversation I am allowed to post here. 

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What? That's the stuff we love to talk about! Welcome to Epicski.

Start by looking at twin tip skis, and go from there. Your guess of 175 length sounds fine.
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Durability is definitely a plus i'm looking for, not afraid to pay a little extra for it either.  I know absolutely nothing about bindings but one of the reasons its taken me a while to buy is I wanted to be sure on size, which 175 is perfect for myself.  Obviously there are numerous brands of skies, but what are the brands known most for quality?  K2's have been around forever and they are a solid ski, what might be a couple other brands that are known for good quality and durability?

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Welcome to EpicSki.  SpikeDog is right, we love to spend other people's money!;)  I disagree about the length.  I'm only about 5'8", 150 pounds and my soft snow skis, Atomic RItuals, are 174cm.  It is a twin tip with tip and tail rocker, so it skis shorter than 174.  Twin tips will ski shorter than the stated length and if early rise/rocker are also there, they will ski shorter yet.  You should realistically be looking at 180-185.  I demoed some 183 Bent Chetlers last season and while they were longer than I would want to buy, they were not difficult to control in the trees where I was skiing them.


I think the biggest problem you are going to have is find one ski to do what you want.  Finding a ski that will be good in the trees, park, powder, bumps and groomers is going to be really difficult.  Wide skis are great in powder, and trees but not so good in bumps.  A ski that's good in the bumps won't be so great in powder, etc.  You will need to prioritize what is most important and then demo a bunch of skis.

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I was all about getting 178 until a year ago for the hell of it I skied with 168 for a few days & I had a blast with that size. Made me want to get a tad bit smaller ski even though the twin tips are smaller as is.

Also, I can make due with average skies for moguls & powder. Most the time when I'm skiing I'm just heading to the top and skiing down, the other stuff is here & there on the way down.

What would you say the average width is on a 175? I think I would like a smudge wider than the average for when I am in powder.
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Originally Posted by Ryanrttu View Post

What would you say the average width is on a 175?

There is no such thing as average width for a 175cm ski or any other length ski.  You need to demo some skis to find out what different type of skis will and won't do for you.  You haven't said where, geographically, you ski so making any recommendations about specific skis or width isn't possible.  What gets recommended for the eastern skiing is not the same as what gets recommended for Rocky Mountain skiing.

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Colorado is where I ski about 90% of the time.  Mainly in Beaver/Vail.

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For CO or any of the Rocky Mountain areas, 90-100mm is a good choice and since you want a shorter ski, I'd recommend closer to 100 or even 105.

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Thank you MTcyclist!

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you need not worry about duarability.  The brands you are most likely to see, K2, Nordica, Rossi, Volkl, Atomic, Fischer, Dynastar, have all been around since the beginning of time and they will be fine.  Some of the newer and smaller brands like Line, 4FRNT, Icelantic, Moment, Goode, Skilogic, ON3P, DPS and Praxis all have plenty of fans and will no doubt hold up just fine too. 

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