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Recent Storm

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Whopee, snow- have an inch at house in St. Maries, it is 7 PM and hoping for some powder turns at Lookout tommorrow !!!             Anyone gonna be there? 

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Interested to hear how it was at Lookout today. The 3" that fell at my house here in town was heavy, probably would of skied like 5 or 6".


See you at Silver tomorrow, should be a good one if the snow keeps up!

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Hi Mike, Lookout had 3-6 depending on where you were.  Thats wasn't enough to heal up all the 2 weeks of hard stuff.  Chair 3 was very scratchy and in my opinion didn't ski that well. Sundance top to bottom was good on top, slightly scratchy below the road and pretty scratching where it got steep. Lucky Fri pretty scratchy too.  Actually the best snow was on the Montana face - wore the thighs out. There was almost no one there except a few powder Wed regulars.  Which make me think there will be a lot of people at Silver.  We'll see.

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