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Austria Skiing

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I am planning to go to skiing in Austria some time with some of my friends.  Are the conditions good there?  I have heard great things but I wasn't sure.  



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Austria is pretty big (well ok really tiny for US standards :)), and it's in middle of the Alps so weather conditions hugely differ from one valley to the other (just 5km air line). In some parts of Austria, there's A LOT of snow currently (especially in Carinthia and east Tirol), while other parts didn't have much. But in last few days it's changing, and it's snowing quite a lot all over Austria, so you should be more then fine. On top of this, Austrian resorts have one of most modern, and really extensive snow making facilities, so even with little natural snow, normal skiing is guaranteed.

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I would go to Italy, though. Right now better snow conditions and, well... the food, the coffee, the language, the mountains themselves (the Dolomites, for instance) - Italy has my vote, clearly.


What kind of skiing are you planning to do (off-piste? grommer cruising? freestyle/snow park skiing?)? What's the skill level within your group? A bit more info would help...

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Well we are all experienced skiers, skiing for many years.  We going to do off piste skiing and really anything thats good.  

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We were going to skiing in lech.  Many people have told me its awesome.

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Check out the Bergfex website ( lots of good info re weather/webcams for Euro ski resorts. Austria, as others have mentioned, varies dramatically from area to area, valley to valley, and day to day. 


Also make sure to check avy reports daily if you're going off-piste (like this, in Tirol: Remember that you step outside a piste and you're in the BC for all practical purposes of rescue (and associated costs if you don't have insurance for that), lack of avy prep, and virtually zero marking of obstacles: like holes, crevasses (on glaciers), barb-wire fences (most of the grassy slopes double as grazing areas in summer), rocks, cliffs, rivers, etc. It's a bad place to just follow tracks-- because you never know if the tracks lead to a 10m mandatory drop, a rappel, or another valley that requires motorized return to the mountain. 

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