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06 Elan M666....?

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Question for the experts.  I have the opportunity to pick up a pair of older Elan M666 skis very inexpensively.  They are 176's, in pristine condition, well cared for, not too many days on them. I am 6' 1", about 185 and I would safely say my ability level is advanced.  I am a East Coast, New England skier, still pretty fast & aggressive at my advanced age of 54, (my much younger coworkers who I ski with call me "FOG", "fast old guy").  I primarily stick to the groomers with a 50/50 proportion of long turns and short turns.  No bumps for me.....! Just wondering if they are worth the minimal investment.  Thanks in advance....

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Only skied these once, recall that they were a very nice ski for their time, smooth and fairly easy to handle, very GS-ish, not sure how they'd like that 50% short turns. They'd be useful as a groomer ski for days when there's some crud. OTOH, you may already have something like that, and in any case, doubt they're as impressive by today's standards as they were at birth. If the price is silly good, as in under $100, then sounds reasonable. If you're paying over $100 with binding, meh. If over $200, not a good deal at all, regardless of condition. 

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I used to own a pair of these in that same length.  Bought them second hand as my rock skis.  If you're looking around for reviews the Magfire 12 (green topsheet) of that same year was essentially the very same ski.  As beyond says, a very nice ski for their time; a hefty, double-metal layup with a full sidewall; more interested in arcing medium turns (and above, with a bit of pace) than linking short turns down the side of a run.  They had that solid, damp feel that I like in most of Elan's skis.  


Ultimately I bought some Head Monster iM78s, my Volkl Allstars turned into my 'not so good' skis, and I found I wasn't using the 666s so I offloaded them.


At 176cm the length is about right for you.  You just need to determine how much weight you place on your 50% short turns, as that wasn't quite their thing.


Enjoy your season.

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I skied the M666 for several years.  As mentioned earlier, they're not real quick, but they sure are fast.  I dumped them for some 888s that I still ski and love.  The 666 is a good ski, but I wouldn't pay a lot for them.

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They're fine for an eastern ski.   Ignore the reviews that call it all mountain - in that length they won't have any float for your weight.    


666 flat or 666 Fusion?     The Fusion skis can not  take  a binding other than the specific Tyrolias they came with (those are getting a bit long in the tooth).      I would not drop coin on a Fusion ski in this day and age.

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