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Hele Skiing

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What's the least skiing ability you would recommend for hele ski trip and is there such a place for a good intermediate skiier. Person who can handle single blacks but enjoys the blues more.
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The thing I don't get is that if you are an intermediate skier, and enjoy blues more than blacks, why you would WANT to go heli-skiing. Stay inbounds, mate.
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That's not the answer I was looking for. No one said I couldn't do more. The question should have been phrased, at what point should a person feel comfortable with their abilities to tackle such a challenge?
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Most heli operations have a page such as this one that should help you make your decision.

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With the advent of Fat powder skis most any advanced intermediate looking to ski untracked pow pow can Heli or Cat ski. Just be honest about your abilities when booking and I'm sure they'll tell you if they have terrain that meets what you are looking for.
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