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new boot help

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Hi my name is Luke ads I am new here to epicski.  I have been skiing for years but due to having kids I took several (4) years off.  Well now my kids are into it so I have a great excuse to go.  Long story short, I got out my ski stuff at the beginning of the year and realized how outdated it was.  


All that to say I need new boots and  have it narrowed down to 3 that are similar but have their differences.


BTW I am 6' 185lbs 


here are the 3 boots I am debating


1. dalbello Panterra 90


2. Nordica H3 (hell and back)


3. Head adaptedge 90


All 3 of these boots feel very close to the same in the store with no modifications.  My goal is to get something that will alow me to progress and last a fairly long time.  The H3 is a 100 flex I believe where the others are 90, and the panterra is a 3pc instead of 2.  Other than those main differences what should I be taking into consideration.  My concern is the 90 won't be stiff enough in the longrun.

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if i am reading your post correctly you are an adult male, and you would like a boot that will allow you to progress and last a long time.


your concerns about a 90 flex boot are justified. depending on your physical make-up and current skill level the 100 may also be a little light on the horsepower. the answer changes if you end up only skiing with the little ones on gentle terrain.


try to find a boot fitter near you that has good model selection and a knowledgable sales/fitter that can better best match your story to your boot purchase.



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I did go to a boot fitter and the 3 models I mentioned are the boots that he seemed fit the best. He did a shell test and they were all very close.

At this point I would say I am intermediate to advance skill level, I'll go down pretty much anything other than crazy steep doubles.

I just so t want to get a year or 2 down the road and wish I had gotten a stiffer boot. Although then I can tell my wife I have to have new boots👍
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with your body stats you want to be looking a bit stiffer IMO, probably 110-120 would be more suitable, in my store the softest mens boot we sell is a 100 flex but as we know all 100s are not the same


have a chat with your fitter and see if they have something a bit stiffer for you to try

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