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Warm midlayer for alpine Skiing

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This season Ive switched to using a non insulated outer shell (flylow Quantum).  The temps in New England have been very cold, and Im finally breaking down, and want to get that one solid, warm mid layer, as opposed to what Im doing now, which is throw on every layer I currently own, rendering me unable to move!!  


So, Im well covered for temps in the 20's and higher, but need a real warm layer for the -5 to 15F that we have had in place for much of the season.  My Shell layer is pretty roomy, and I really dont like feeling restricted.  Want to be warm and comfortable, if its possible.?!  Looking at Paty Down sweater, Arc Cerium, Arc Hyllus hard fleece, Mammut flexidown.  


Under any of these, I would expect to wear a UA base layer, and a micro fleece.  Are the down jackets too bulky for skiing?  Im thinking the Hyllus (besides being way too hi $$$$) would not be warm enough..  Great looking jacket though.   The Mammut Flexi seemed like they tried to address the bulk issues, but not sure if its as warm as the Patty?  


Any comments on these products in regards to warmth and bulk is appreciated, as well as any other jackets I should be looking at!


Thanks, Think Snow!!

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My $0.02. Big believer in the down mid-layers - they work for me. I have a Patagonia Nano that is only maginally warmer than a baselayer. The "down sweater" types seems to be the perfect weight for me in cold weather (skied early season in CO where it was -10 at lunch) with a merino wool baselayer + shell.. Choose the brand based on fit preference (Patagonia, Arcteryx, OR, whatever) - they are all good for midlayers
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^^^This. Down sweater beats fleece like a gong for warmth. Fleece wins if you're concerned about cost or are likely to get your midlayer wet/dirty a lot. 

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my only other comment was sometimes the down "hoody" mid-layers are not the "best friends" with your shell.  they can either bunch up around your collar and not let you zip all the way up - or are in your shell hood filling up with snow if you wear a helmet.  No big deal if you want one for both on the hill and off the hill - but if you are buying for a single purpose - something to thing about. 

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marmot Variant. Absolutely love this piece. Its replaced all my others.  STP keeps listing these up and they sell out fast. FWIW- Steamboat powdercats started outfitting all their guides with these and several instructors are wearing them now.  Close fitting but not compression, warmer front,  I did a review 

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Skied single digits on Friday with my brand new Patagonia Down Sweater over Hot Chilis base, Arcteryx micro fleece equivalent (sorry, don't remember which shirt that is), and my hard shell. VERY comfortable! the Patagucci replaced a fleece layer that had been my go-to cold weather layer. Night and day difference. Love love love the down sweater layer!

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I have the Arc Hercules (precursor of the Hyllus).  It's surprisingly warm, and very lightweight and durable.  But given the price, I'd probably opt for a down sweater if I were to buy again.  

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I have various layers of fleece, my main one being a tight fitting  Peal Izumi vest that I love. I also have a thin fleece sweatshirt that I can unzip if it gets too hot.  However, I am planning to add a down sweater to my OACB: Outdoor Activities Clothing Bag.

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I love down but won't wear it for skiing because I don't glow, I sweat, even in very cold temps, and good quality synthetic layers live up to their hype--they're as warm when soaking wet as they are dry.

When I'm in a shell my usual mid-layer is a Patagonia Nano Puff; as the temperature drops I change out the lightweight Capilene for midweight, add a microfleece jacket, and in extremes add my older Patagonia Micro Puff, their pre-Nano jacket. Note that I have access to a Patagonia outlet and hit all the holiday sales; otherwise I'd know better about other brands.

Right now you can find excellent brand-name stuff at silly prices. STP is flooded with it, so jump on it now!
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