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Castle Peak death

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Does anyone have some details on the death at Castle Peak (Donner summit, Central California Sierra)? The victim and his friend were camping north of donner summit (where?). They were caught by "an overhanging mass of snow" and one person was buried. For perspective, it snowed about 12 - 15 feet on Castle Peak over the holidays.

This is hitting close to home. My friends and I are trying to get more info than the press reports - like, where (exactly) the avy was. This is my California backcountry birthplace and I know it like the back of my hand. Not a good place to be in a really big winter storm.
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Hey Mike, welcome.

Here is a good place to get the scoop on accidents in the backcountry. I belive the one you are looking for was posted on 1-1-04.

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