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This past Sunday morning, we went out early to capture some Bluebird skiing with the sea of clouds below Schweitzer Mountain Resort. For almost two weeks, it's been blue skies with clouds below. Things don't always go as planned as we waited for a very COLD hour and a half in the dark clouds at the top of the Lakeside Triple. 

After almost two hours the fog started whipping in and out, patches of blue for two minutes, fog for 5. It was changing faster than Taylor Swift's boyfriends. What the hell, we're here to shoot, lets do it anyway. This is a few runs off the face while things were changing quickly. Wouldn't you know as soon as I put the camera away it turned BLUEBIRD all the way to the lake.


You can thank us for taking one for the team and getting this long lasting high pressure out of here! Just kidding, It looks like snow is is in the forecast for the next few days. Yeah!