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Selkirk Crest Backcountry report

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Friday the skiing inbounds at Schweitzer was A+ , face shots on every turn, So it was decided Saturday would be BC. We opted for some steeper skiing areas as we knew the fresh was deep. OH MY GOD, I was havin to make a high springing jump type turn every 3rd turn just to see where i was going. the snow was 30-40 inches of light and dry ontop of 5 feet of base. You had to make sure you were ziped up to your nose and stick your nose in your jacket or you were choking on it. No exageration here when I say "The best snow I have ever skied" and Ive got in a couple thousand days. I was going to post a couple pictures but all you can see is clouds of snow with a hat, gloves and poles sticking out.

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nice! I'm jealous. is that true for the whole system, or just particular parts of the Selkirks?
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Im thinking any of the selkirks from sandpoint north, the bitterroots from lookout north, It should all be good. I had to take today off, 5 days in a row is all i can handle. besides the bitter cold -5 will a light wind brrrrrrr.
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thanks, Scott. have a good rest day.
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I have skied powder like that only one time back in the 70's. I went under a log with both skis and came out of my ski boots when both shins hit the log. I don't think I would feel comfortable to this day in the woods that way but it was a cool feeling while it lasted. Excuse me, far out feeling.
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I found a couple pictures out of 60 that are worth seeing, I had my digital camera set on portrait and a few of them are funky.

check out the EPIC folder

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very nice... I like the candid action in no. 12, good timing on that one.

whereabouts was this?
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Gonzo I could tell ya where I ski but then Id have to kill ya.......... but if your ever in North Idaho your more then welcome to come along. And come spring my annual trip to hoodoo pass is always a blast, usually some time in May, snow amounts determine date
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