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Going to Breck in 2 weeks, staying at the grand timber lodge.  we're  party of 5. First visit there for most of us. Two of us are strong intermediate skiers, 2 intermediate and a relative beginner; (all adults)

A few things on my agenda:

1. any suggestions where to start, trails/ Mtns to ski, etc..

2. a few of us want to take lessons.  Best days to take them?  (i'm thinking monday, & not the weekends).

3. Best casual places to eat/drink?

4.  Things to look for/avoid.




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Everyone has their preferences.  Here are mine:


For decent food at decent prices try Downstairs at Erics on Main Street.  If you want to spend more or much more there are many options.


For intermediate skiing Peak 9 is usually the least crowded.  It has a good selection of intermediate runs. If you want something harder try Peak 10, unless it it windy.  The four runs down the front are groomed every night.  Cimarron is the hardest.   Peak 9 has a long, wide easy run: Silverthorne served by the Quicksilver chair, ideal for beginners.  But the line on weekends can be horrible.  The easiest run down from the top is Bonanza; start there. 


The best mountain restaurant is the Peak 9 restaurant, off the top of the C-chair or down a bit from the top of the Beaver Ran and Mercury chairs.  Especially good are the soups, made from scratch every day.  As are the pastries. 


Avoid Peak 6.  Peak 7 has good intermediate runs but the Independence chair can be crowded.   The Peak 8 chairs are usually very crowded. 


I cannot give you any advice about lessons, except they are available from both Peaks 8 and 9. 


Keep in mind that you are coming from sea level to 9 600 ft, where there is less air (but better quality).   Take it easy the first two days and drink liquids (not beer!) to avoid altitude sickness.   If you have trouble sleeping that is normal. 

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+1 on the runs.


Definitely Downstairs at Eric's


Mexican food - Mi Casa

Burgers - Empire Burger

Something different - Lost Cajun

Lots of great upscale if you need to splurge one night.


Mon-Wed should give you the widest availability of instructors.


Someone else should tell you about lift access from Grand Timber, but I think your best bet is the Peak 9 base. You are pretty close to ski in/ski out there.

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First, Breckenridge is a very high altitude area for the U.S.  Drink a lot of water and drink before yo are thirsty. Dehydration is not altitude sickness but it can creep up on you without warning and ruin your day.  I know from experience.


Second,  Breckenridge can get busy on weekends so it may be a good strategy to take lessons then to take advantage of lift line cutting privileges.  Although classes will likely be more full on the weekend.


Third, One of my favorite runs anywhere is The Burn at Breckenridge.  It is a widely spaced, intermediate pitched tree run and is tons of fun.


Have a great trip.  Breckenridge is a big mountain and the town is a lot of fun too.  We had a great experience at the brewery as Dave Mason just happened to be playing there while we were in town.

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+1 on Crudmeister and the others' comments

We like Breck, tend not to go above treeline much, so may have some common perspectives.


Easy one -- food: Peak Nine not only has the best food (to us at least) it is also substantially cheaper than the other places. 


We like 7 for warmups, but does get quite kids have always liked Ore Bucket for fun trees/bumps -- can't see it as a black, but it is Breck.  Liked Peak 6 actually, but each time have skied has been VERY windy. Some have complained on the switch from the lower to higher chair, doesn't seem to bad to me. We tend to move from 7-9-10 during a day skiing, then take the Super-Connect back to ski down to the gondola lots, not an issue for you staying in town. 


Peak 9 normally has a nice mix of runs, esp. considering how you labeled your group.  Mercury mid-mountain chair is usually the least crowded.  Agree on the difficulties cited for various runs, really like Briar Rose too.


We really like Peak 10, normally hardly any crowds, and is a lot of fun for the 3-4 runs near the chairlift. The wind i really notice is the last 100 meters or so of the lift, you hit a little valley there and the winds seems to really hit the chairs. 


If you branch out for some different / higher runs you can get from Peak 7 over to the T Bar, Pika is fun but can be windy, or take the catwalk from the T Bar to the south over to the top of 6 chair -- runs are fun over there -- in my limited experience, not really steep, just not groomed. 


Final point.  Hydration is key.  Have lived here off and on for 11 years, and can bite you easily.  We tend to over-hydrate, and i have a liking for a couple of Ibuprofen to start the day.  Breck is high to sleep if you are coming from near sea level -- but that effect is seemingly impossible to predict.


have fun

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