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Your difficulty with pivot slips likely had more to do with how you move down the hill (or not) than your flexibility. Try them with planting your pole down the hill in front of you.
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Hip mobility, like all joint mobility is person dependent,  norms are 45 degrees of rotation in either direction, skeletal anatomy, soft tissue restrictions, motor coordination all will effect what you have available for the drill.  the pivot slip video shows a man truning much more than his hips


the link discusses squats but the related anatomical findings are why people should take what others do with some less objectivity, go find your hips, plevis, spine, feet, don't sweat angle norms



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I think its important to understand why we want a bit of angulation in our turns, especially towards the end of each one.   It serves two purposes I believe - firstly to help us balance on and against our outside ski and secondly to help prepare our body to cross the path of our skis for the new turn.  Does that make sense?  At this level though the key is that we must be balanced on and against our outside ski.


I think a great and easy drill to do to help with 'angulation' is the aeroplane that we mostly do with kids.  I'll admit to doing it with the majority of beginners I teach as I think its really effective.   You have your arms horizontal sideways from your shoulders like aeroplane wings.  As you go through each turn your outside arm should go down to the outside, and your inside arm should go up in the air, just like an aeroplane.  You should be able to feel a bit of a pinch in your side in that soft part of your tummy between your hip bone and rib cage on the outside of the turn, if you can't feel that its probably because you are just using your arms and not your upper body a bit as well.  Its super important that it all goes down on the outside of each turn not the other way around.


To help get balanced on your outside ski effectively, I find it helpful to imagine I'm riding a bike up a steep hill.  When you stand up on the pedals one leg it stretching down and the other is softening underneath you.  This is the feeling we want for stretching onto the outside ski at the start of the turn.  For the next turn you then engage the new outside ski, just as a cyclist engages the other pedal once one half rotation has been done.

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Lots of things going on in the video, but since you weren't looking for MA, I wont go there. BUT since you wanted , you can practice the leg (not hip or full body) rotation at home by standing in socks on a nice smooth wood or laminate floor (or stand on two Frisbees on carpet), with your butt against the cabinet or counter. Think of your pelvis as part of your UPPER body and keep your butt against the counter. Use SLOW, STRONG leg rotation to get the simultaneous leg steering and work on your range of motion. In doing pivot slips, having some lead change helps also....think about aligning the toe of your downhill ski with the heel of your uphill ski.(freeze frame at :23 in the PSIA video for reference)

This should help you separate your upper and lower body a bit more. Obviously, doing it on a flat floor is different than a blue pitch, and where your center of mass is will make a difference. Try the indoor drills a bit, then try it on the hill....can't hurt!

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