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Lange rs140 or 130???

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I am currently in a Nordica Dobermann WC130 and want a softer flexing boot. I am seriously considering Lange RS140 or 130. I was considering the RS130, but the Lange rep is recommending the 140 and saying it is softer flexing than my Dobbie130 WC.  I am an aggressive Eastern skier, PSIA level III.  I don't race any longer, and want a softer flexing boot with a little more fit comfort. Any suggestions on which way to go,  the RS140 or 130? Is the RS140 actually softer flexing than my Dobbie WC130's??

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lange rs 140 is an rs 130 shell with a firmer liner. 


lange rs 140 is a more generous "pro" last, the dobi wc 130 is a narrower/lower volume "race" last.


so the lange is softer and the last/fit is more generous.


apples to apples comparison would be dobi wc 130 to lange wc za. or if you want the precision fit with a softer flex look at the lange wc za soft.



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Thanks Starthaus... From your assessment, I am inclined to go with the RS140.  Since I am in my boots mostly all day, I am looking for a more generous fit for the comfort.  In addition your saying the 140 is a softer flex than my Dobie 130's.  Hopefully I won't notice much difference in performance.

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