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Crash Pads/Body Armor?

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Hey Everyone,
I'm an all mountain skier but for the most part I'm in the parks and pipes, and I've been thinking about getting some type of armor. Basically I want something that will give me a little protection and not be constricting. I've looked at the hard shell stuff and the soft padding and haven't really had the chance to try any of it on...so I figured I'd ask what you guys think. I'll go from a day of all park to a day of skiing half off piste and half park and some days I'll just go for speed so I need something that will be comfortable for everything. Always wear a helmet so no advice needed there, mostly just a chest/butt/hip issue. Anyone know of good padding, or just say screw it and take the punishment?
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I have thought about body protection also. I ski trees as will as ski fast. I have thought about wearing some of my Down Hill Mountain Bike gear. The only problem is it is made to wear over most clothing. I know there are lots of styles in the catelogs for biking. You may want to look there. You should be able to find upper body armour for about $160.00.
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Dainese Racing Jacket O2
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