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Rental ski advice [Park City for 12yo]

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I'm headed out to park city to ski this next week. I want to try different equipment for my 12 year old son to see if his equipment is holding him back from having all the fun he can have. I'm afraid his boots may be too stiff and his Mantra's may not make turning as easy as it could be for him. He'll be able to go back to them if he doesn't like the rentals. He is 115 lbs 5 ft tall 12 yr old who has skied for 7 seasons about 8-12 times per year. Currently he sits in the back seat and fights to get the skis to turn. I want to get him rentals but want to know is rental equipment, especially boots, too sloppy and soft? Is there a intermediate kids ski packages or is an entry package plenty?

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You raised a lot of points to discuss here and I am sure many ski instructors will respond appropriately. I am NOT a ski instructor but I have three children who have been skiing for about 9 years now (since they were 3 or 4) so my opinions come from someone who has seen how kids skiing progress.

You mention that your son sits in the back seat and fights to get the skis to turn. Based on this, without even knowing what equipment and length of ski he uses, I could only say he needs more ski lessons. From experience, new or better equipment does not necessar make a kid ski better, especially if their technique is wrong to begin with. Many will disagree with me on this, but my disclaimer stands: I base this from experience.

One of my daughters is also 12 years old but she has been skiing since she was 3 years old. She is 5'2" and weighs only 93 lbs. Although she is a really skinny and light weight kid she can ski long or short skis. I buy various length youth skis that I collect to save on rental fees. Sometimes I let her ski 143s (her own K2 Superstitious) and sometimes I let her ski 153s (her mother's K2 superstitious). Of course, she can tell the difference in length but can immediately adjust her technique. She has funky wide feet so we let her try on different kinds of boots (her mother's and her sister's) and with different boots she can also appropriately change her ski style. Regardless of ski and boots, her skiing technique is basically still good (in all modesty.)

All that technique was learned from six years of ski school in every single resort we have been: Whistler, Park City, Deer Valley, Killington, Canyons, Hunter, etc. etc. At some point, she got tired of ski school and just wanted to ski with us.

So in summary, without knowing your kid's equipment, it is his technique that is "holding him back" and not his equipment. I suggest you enroll him in a Park City ski school, and let the school suggest what length skis he should use.

My five cents.
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Length of ski wasn't my concern. It was really if rental boots are sufficient and newer technology in skis. Lessons we are doing. Thx
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Since ski boots are the most important equipment for a skier, it would be easier to give you advice (by the boot fitters, not me) if you can tell them more about his ski boots, how it was fitted, by whom and where.

But your question is, quite simply, too broad. Nevertheless, unless his ski boots are really very old and gawd-awfully ill fitting, I cannot imagine how rental boots will be better and will have "newer technology" than what he is using -- all to make him ski out of the back seat.
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