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Rossi E83 Length

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Hey guys,


I'm buying a new set of ski's and just want some opinion on what size would be right.


I'm coming from an old pair of Atomic 9:18's that were probably too small for me from the start (155cm's i think)


I'm 30yrs old 5'8 190lbs (Trying to get back to a more comfortable 175ish), and average skiing ability.


I haven't been out a lot in the last few years so I'm rusty, but making an effort to get out more.  Right now I mostly stick to groomers, but trying to get back some ability to enjoy the cruddy tree areas and delve into some powder situations.


Anyways I'm leaning towards the Rossignol Experience 83's but not sure if the 176 or 168cm length is the way to go.  I'm leaning toward 168cm as I've usually enjoyed a shorter ski in the past, but I know these new rocker ski's generally ski shorter.



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Yes, the E83's do ski short for their length due to early rise at both ends. The 168cm should be about right unless your speeds tend to be higher or the snow where you ski will be deeper off trail.(out west)

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Rocker/early rise not come into play with deciding length for this ski. If you prefer a shorter turn, the 168, if you like a medium radius turn, the 176. The 168 for your height, the 176 for your weight.
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