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looking for new skis

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Hey everyone new to the site trying to find some input and tips on what new skis to get. Currently on the 175cm 2012 4frnt turbos. deciding between the:

Atomic Alibi
Atomic Blog
Atomic Bent Chetlers
Atomic Automatic
4frnt YLE
Nordica Patron
Black Diamond Amperage
or any other ski you guys might think would work well
looking for a all mountain ski that can take me anywhere and handle cliff drops,trees, groomers at times
Intermediate-> Advanced skier. Thanks for the help and input


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Welcome to EpicSki.  It would be helpful to know where you ski.

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Around Montana and a few days a year in Vail
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Blues and Blacks
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I ski in Montana also, mainly RLM, Bridger and Big Sky.  My daily driver is a Nordica Steadfast, 90mm waist.  For a general purpose, go everywhere ski, I think most of the skis on your list are too wide and have too much rocker.  My "fat" ski is an Atomic Ritual, 103mm waist.  I've skied the Bent Chetlers and the Automatic, both of which were fine in soft snow in the trees but not much fun when I had to get on a groomer to find a lift.  Those skis as well as the Blog have what Atomic calls "Powder Rocker" which is quite a bit more rocker and less camber than the Alibi or RItual.  That's why I own the Ritual instead of one of those and even with a good tune, the Ritual still is just passable on groomers.  I've also skied the Alibi but just liked the Ritual a lot more.  I haven't skied the others but I know a guy who is probably about 220 pounds who skied the Patron a lot and really liked it and he skis all over the mountain.  Your list has one 98mm ski and all the rest are at least 110 and for a general purpose ski, I think 110+ is just too wide.  If you're near Big Sky or Bridger they both have good demo centers and I'd recommend trying some skis that are 100-105mm and without as much rocker as the second three Atomics on your list.  The Alibi and the Ritual might do it for you.

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Thank you mtcyclist for your help, i will try and get up to big sky/bridger area and see if i can demo some of those skis named, i am leaning more towards the ritual and alibi so it will most likely come between those two. thanks again and hope to see you around RLM especially after that fresh 13"

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I gotta disagree with mtcyclist's assessment on the Automatic not being any fun on groomers.  Though there are plenty of better choices for groomers I have a pair of Auto's and love them anywhere on the mountain.  However I am fortunate enough to own 7 pair of skis from 78 underfoot all the way up to the Auto's which are 117 underfoot.  However I love skiing my Auto's and find them a blast anywhere including groomers.

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Originally Posted by procos View Post

I gotta disagree with mtcyclist's assessment on the Automatic not being any fun on groomers.  


No problem.  As I have said before, if everyone liked the same thing there would only be one ski, in different lengths, on the market.

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Are you replacing your Turbos or adding to them?


If replacing and you liked them, why not replace them with 4FRNT's replacement for the Turbo...the Devastator?

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At the moment probably just adding to it, eventually replacing it tho, i never really considered the Devastator i guess. i do really enjoy my Turbos for taking me all over the mountain so i dont know why i wouldn't enjoy the new version. Thanks for mentioning that option Skierish

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