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Javelin Wax

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The guys at Javelin just dropped off some samples for us to test.  I have the vibe series, and also a fluoro cold, and a fluoro cold graphite which is not listed on their website.  I put some vibe cold on the boss's skis today, will hear back tomorrow on how it worked.


The buzz about this wax is their formula for cold temps is very good, and seeing we are in a polar vortex - we have some great testing conditions right now.  Doing some informal testing with the fluoros on tuesday.  Had a bit of a chuckle though, at one of their rec application methods.

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Any updates ?
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I'd be interested in the opinions too. I know the company and have seen the development of the product over the past couple of years. My son has been using for two seasons, as have a lot of Eastern Ontario, West Quebec athletes and Javelin has had big success for a small company at the national level, like Skicross Canada.

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Some results - all javelin top layer crayoned and single pass with fibrelene iron.

-18 cel ambient, 4-5 cm new snow, Betamix glide layer, with vibe green. Ran very fast, wore off after 3000' vertical (as expected), and ski ran slower on the Betamix layer underneath.

- 18 cel ambient, 4-5 cm new snow, ch5 glide layer, with "race" green. Ran slow, wore off after 3000' vert. And ski ran faster on ch5 layer underneath.

-7 cel ambient, 4-5 cm new snow, Betamix glide layer, vibe red top layer. Ran very fast. Wore off after 3500' vert, and ski ran slower on Betamix layer underneath.

Both skiers that found the wax fast, also said it was fastest they have experienced in those conditions.

The "race" green may of not been used in the correct conditions, but we had little info on it.

Doing some more testing tomoro, and will also do a durability test (drip/iron) soon.

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the race green - is that the fluoro cold you talk of above?

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Javelin has two wax lines, both are flouro "hybrids", Vibe and and the higher end Diamond (they used to have a hydrocarbon as well but I guess they dropped it). Similar color as other waxes, yellow for warm., pink for normal, green for cold, and black graphite cold.

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Spoke today with the rep.  Turns out what I called race green (second from right), is actually called Platinum - and it hasn't been released yet to the public, but its going to be available soon.  Sounds like the reason it didn't work for us is that it is a low humidity formula - less than 35%.  Here on the escarpment humidity is rarely less than 50-60%, due to the fact that we are surrounded by the great lakes from all directions.  The first wax on the right is called Groove, and was described as an all-condition old snow wax.  We will be giving it a test soon, as well as upping the wax cycle to 2 or 3 times.

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Hi Guys, I'm just getting plugged into Epic. First, I would like to thank you for testing our products and making an announcement when we became partners with Alpine Canada. I guess the latest news would be, that we were on the skis of the Canadian Ski Cross Team during the Olympics. Therefore making us "Olympic Podium Proven!" With our roots in the Ottawa area, we have become the "coating" of choice in these parts. Over the past weekend at the U16 Championships, we were on the skis of all Gold and Silver athletes.

A bit of background about us: yes, we are small and about 2 years old. We are very passionate about our products asI'm the father of a light weight FIS racer, who needed to find an edge.

The tester had used a base wax with all applications. I have been using our product without a base wax (using 2 or 3 applications) without suffering any hydration issues. Again, I thank the tester for their positive feedback. I did drop off a product that is currently not on the market but has been in test. We will keep Epic Ski in the loop as to the progress of all new products.

In closing, I hope you give us a try, I think you'll enjoy our products. Please ask for us at your local ski shop or find us online (and Face Book) at Javelin Performance Coatings.

Thank you again.
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My son is looking at these waxes.  Would like to hear any updates.  Also, was that the regional or provincial U16 silver and gold?

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Hi Guys, Mike from Javelin here! Javelin was used on the Canadian Ski Cross Team today. The women came in 1st and 2nd in France. The USSA has also just signed on as a pool partner. We are currently offering partial sponsorships to select athletes. Please contact me at for more info. Thx, m
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Which one of those would be the pick for -15C new manmade ?   Vibe green?   



Very definitely want high humidity formula.   Is Platinum low-humidity across the board?

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Vibe Green is what you want. I don't think platinum is in the current product lineup anymore. Check out Javelin's new updated website

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Originally Posted by ZeroGravity View Post

Vibe Green is what you want. I don't think platinum is in the current product lineup anymore. Check out Javelin's new updated website


Yeh, was there.   The only specifically low humidity product I saw was the Black Line spray (which was quite intriguing actually).

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Hi Guys, the Green Vibe or Blue Diamond would work well. We have the Platium series but you have to ask for it. As mentioned in earlier post, Platium works best in low humidity conditions. You can contact me at for more info. Thanks, mike
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