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s. lake tahoe tune shops

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Ok, did the search, no dice.


Just moved here as ER nurse.


I need a good ski tune shop that knows what they are doing ( you probably know, it's bullet proof here now).


Any one have any tuner referrals here in S. lake Tahoe?


Don't throw out that I should do it myself as I left all my hardware in another location.


Thanks in advance!



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This, and most forums search tools kinda suck.  


There have been many positive posts about Start Haus here.  



Maybe a local will chime in...

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Starthaus is in n lake tahoe.

Check out rainbow mountain and south shore snow. But as always be specific with what you want. Or you'll wind up with a 1/1 general purpose tune
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My house mate gave me a referal to Elevation 6225 Sports just up the hill 1/4 mile on Kingsbury Grade.


I did a quick knowledge test on the tech...seemed to know what he was talking about.


Anyway, elected the 21/2-1 angle edge put on my workhorse B2's. I'm glad to report that the edge works very well here at heavenly. As reader probably know, not a great year here and was pretty darn solid snow up until a few days ago.


That being said, you can find a solid tune at this shop!


Hope everyone is enjoying the new (up high) snow. Cement...yes, but know complaints here!

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