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Salomon XPro 100s?

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I find myself in the situation where I'm buying my 3rd set of boots in 4 years :mad


Problem is I've bought at the end of the season each year and settled for what they had in my size and wound up with the wrong boots.


First set were Hawx 80s - super comfortable but way too soft and I was crushing them at only 145#s but I'm an aggressive all-mountain and bump skier who prefers steeps and crud.


So I traded those in for a pair of Dalbello Elctra 9s.  Woman's boots(I'm a 43 year old guy who has skied for 36 years)  but the shop gave me a deal on them since the Hawx were not the boot for me.  I was leery about the fit of a woman's boot (that was the only boot in my size when I returned to discuss the Hawx problem - the boot they originally recommended) and that has come back to haunt me.  Now after 2 seasons on them they constantly feel like they are going to tear my big toe nails off any time  I catch the slightest bit of air and the shin bang is a bit excessive.


So I'm giving them to my son who broke the heal piece on his boots yesterday and I'm looking at Solomon XPro 100s.  They felt great in the store and I've had two other sets of Solomon boots before the Hawx and Electras and loved them.


Anyone have experience on the XPro series?  These mistake are getting excessive.  I'm an 8.5 foot size and all sets of boots have been 25.5 on the mondo scale so I'm assuming its not a sizing issue but more of a toe box and calf fit issue on a boot made for woman that and being used by a man.  My old Solomon's were a 25 but had a custom foot bed to raise the arch and pull the toes back.  That worked well but the arches got sore after a while and the toes a bit cramped so I went with a slightly more true fit on the more recent purchases.


I'm in MA.  If anyone knows of a good boot fitter / shop they can recommend in MA or NH I'd be happy to pay them a visit for a better boot fit than the store I've gone to which has been less then helpful on the last two boot purchases and won't be considered for the third.

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saying your a certain shoe size is not very helpfull---what do you measure on a mondo board or in centimeters.


We have long recommended that you do a  shell fit/check read the following


good luck getting sorted out----there is a list of boot fitters at the top of "Ask the boot guy's" under "Who's who in ask the boot guy's"---check to


see if any one is nearby.




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Thanks Mike.  On the mondo scale I measure 25 and a quarter on one foot and 25.5 on the other.

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You might well fit in a smaller shell (24.5) in the Salomon line of boots as they run pretty (very) roomy in the toe box.  I measure 28.3cm and can fit into a 26.5 X Max boot.


do the "shell check" thing to see how they would fit.



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