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Aspen trip

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Asked this in another thread and wasn't able to get much info. I am going to be in aspen on Thursday and have a lesson booked for the wife and I. We got the performance coaching lesson which has 3 students max for 219 at highlands. Thinking about doing a group lesson instead for 139. Anybody have any experience of thoughts if its worth the extra money to have a smaller class? We are both level 6/7 skiers

Lastly if anyone has any must do trails for our abilitys at any of the mountains let me know.

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You will have a blast.  I am at your level and consider the Aspen areas to be amazing with TONS of great Level 6/7 terrain.  My favorites would have to be:


1) Golden Horn/Thunderbowl (Aspen Highlands)

2) Copper Bowl (Aspen)

3) Too many to name at Snowmass (Elk Camp area, Long Shot, Big Burn area, Slot at Sam's Knob, etc.)


Of course, Ruthie's gets all the hype at Aspen Mountain, but is pretty ho-hum, in my opinion.

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I'd save the money on the group. I bet you get a great lesson either way and there probably won't be more than one other person in your class.

The skiing's really good!
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