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What size of skiis?

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I am looking for new all mountain skis, but I have dillema what size to choose. I am 5 feet 9 inches tall and have 171 lbs.

I've been skiing for 5 years. On this site I got: Your proper size of skis is: 165 (168) cm.


Is this size OK? What do you think?





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I'm about your size and weight.

For SL type turns on hard snow or groomed snow, I prefer 165 cm.

For GS type turns on hard snow or groomed snow I prefer 180 cm.

For GS type turns on softer deeper snow I prefer 190 cm.

For SG type turns anywhere, I like my old 208s.


For an all mountain ski I would like about 175 cm in the new wider skis, although my old skinny Volants do fine at 190.


However, I think I may ski faster than the average bear.   Despite that, 165 cm still seems a little short for someone of your size and weight in an all-mountain ski.  I would suggest you go with 170 cm, unless you are looking for an on-piste SL ski, then 155-165 cm would do fine.  Plus a bit if you ski wide open spaces, minus a bit if your in tight places and ski slowly.

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