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Music To Tune By

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Taste in music is as subjective as anything, I guess, but for years I've listened to something I can get to anywhere I have an Internet connection, so thought I'd share...


  Radio Paradise


There's a bloodline here going all the way back to 60's KSAN, with stops at the Santa Cruz area's KFAT and KPIG. The playlist is always a mixed bag of old and new music of all types. I'm frequently pleasantly surprised, and rarely disappointed. Really enjoy putting RP on when I'm fondling skis.


And there's an iPhone/iPad app, natch, in case you're living or driving somewhere the local radio sucks.  ;-)


Hope you enjoy, and perhaps share something you yourself are partial to.

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I usually tune my longer skis in E and my shorter skis in the key of C

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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

I usually tune my longer skis in E and my shorter skis in the key of C

Bb for me.  The ONLY key.


I listen mostly to jazz while I do mindless things, like waxing.

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+1 for Radio Paradise! I have a Grace Digital Radio in my shop that supports about 18,000 stations, but it stays tuned to Radio Paradise. Great eclectic sets, great business model. I get a kick out of some of the listener comments too on the website.  

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