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help with skis

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Hi, I am 5'9 165# just recently demo atomic smoke 160cm w 75 under foot .ski shop recommended for me, I hated the feel of the ski. I  ski'd years ago and had 180cm .I am a advanced int and ski pretty much all groomed slopes on the east, I need some advice on ski models and sizes,from whaat ive readi think im looking for a carver with 65-72 local ski shop was not much help..Thanks

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I'm close to your size/weight (I'm around 150 lbs).  I am an upper-level skier.  I live in the midwest, but when I go out west, I ski black and double black runs.  When I was on straight skis I ski'd 195-203cms.  My first set of shaped ski's were 185's and now I'm on 175's (it took me a long to to accept the reality of shorter ski's).  


My daily ski conditions, I'm assuming, are much the same as yours - mostly hard-packed with some ice on groomed slopes.  I'm on the consumer version of Head's GS ski - the rebel ispeed's.  I'm sure I would be comfortable on a 170cm ski, but the only length available for demo was 175 and I thought they were fine.  The more I ski on them, the more I enjoy them.  As long as you're athletic and have good, basic technique, you'd have no problem ripping off short-radius turns on them.  They have ton's of pop out of a turn and are extremely stable at all speeds.  


I'm not like most posters here - I've never really had more than 1 ski in my quiver for my last 25 years of skiing, so take my advice in lieu of that.  


I think there are a lot of good options out there that would be similar to what I'm on, such as the consumer version of GS ski's from atomic (Double Deck GS), Nordica's GS ski  (I've ski'd both - nice ski's) and another one that I've read a ton of good info. on, but didn't have a chance to try was the Dynastar Speed Course Ti - as  a matter of fact, I almost bought the Speed Course online without demoing but decided to buy only what I had a chance to demo.  


For your size and ability, I don't think you'd have any problem on any of these ski's in 165 - 170 cm's.   If you want more of a do-everything ski, you might want to check out a wider waist ski.  I, in fact did that.  I demo'd the Blizzard 8.0 Magnum Ti.  It was a fine ski, but I just didn't like the feel of it compared to a GS ski.  It performed very well but it felt light underfoot - I preferred a more substantial-feeling ski underfoot.   Also, in the midwest, we get maybe one day, at best,  per year on average to ski knee-deep powder, so I really don't feel the need to own something that performs better in the pow.  Frankly, I've been able to ski many of those days on my old straight ski's as well as my new shaped ski's and have had tons of fun on them in the fresh powder.  


If you can get a chance to demo the feel of a GS-style ski, you should do it.  You may hate it, you may love it - you won't know until you try.  IMHO, you can't beat a skinny-waist ski for hardpack/ice conditions.  Good luck and let us know what you find.  

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Kdawg, thanks for youre input. I grew up in new England and my last ski;s (25 years ago) were 180cm and I was very comfortable on them, the 3 ski's I have used so far were all 75 + underfoot and the only one of those I was comfortable on was 174cm . The wider waist and tip feels very strange to me, when I push on good blues or blacks they feel good but when im not pushig as aggressively they feel very awkward,again thanks for youre input and I will try and demo some gs  asap.

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