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arch cramping

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this has been a persistent problem for which i'm thinking that i'll need to replace my scarpa hurricane boots.  the intuition liners have been packed-out after about 20 ski days, so the fit is what it is and the cramping has gotten worse, if anything.  any suggestions for manufacturer's who make a wider boot?

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if the liner has packed out in 20 days it would suggest the boot was too big, your foot is then moving or you are clamping down the buckles to hold it and causing the cramp... or are you saying you have skied 20 days and there is still not enough room??


if the later a boot fitter can expand the shell 





without all your foot data it is impossible to give an exact answer as to what will work, do you have a custom footbed? if so what type? a good bed will support the foot properly and reduce the stresses (and the length and width of the foot by a little)  


where is the cramp?  is it under the arch? along the side or top of the foot?


we need a whole heap of information to help you

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