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A bump lesson at Sugarbush/MRG? Conditions?

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We are going to Vermont next week for 5 days, Weds-Sun. We have those quad packs for Sugarbush lift tickets, so will spend 4 days at Sugarbush. For the 5th day, I wanted to go to Mad River Glen, but for now the conditions are pretty bad - I know MRG was closed for a while and only recently reopened. So I guess MRG is out (don't want to navigate rocks while skiing on thin ice :eek). So it'll probably be all 5 days at Sugarbush/Mt Ellen.  Could anyone tell me what the conditions are like - is Mt Ellen worth it right now or do we spend all the time at the main peak? (Mt Ellen seems a good idea for Sat as it is less crowded.)


I would like to take a bump lesson while I'm there. Originally planned a full-day clinic at MRG, now thinking of a 2-hr bump lesson at Sugarbush (Mt Ellen, weekends only). Does anyone know anything about those bump-specific lessons? More importantly, are there bumps? Since there hasn't been enough snow, is it just a couple of bump trails with rock-hard icy moguls & I should forgo the idea of practicing bumps this time?


DISCLAIMER: I'm not good at bumps at all, it's not like I need to fine tune my technique in extreme conditions. I do venture into bumps but I can only do softer ones on a moderate slope; even so I go slowly and pretty much take them one at a time. I've got enough basic feel for bumps by now, so it's time to begin to actually learn to ski them.... but maybe the conditions are against it this time? :confused (I'm competent enough to get down any slope safely but, um, sometimes by more sideslipping than actual skiing :D)  




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The rain earlier this month really hurt New England.  But the recent consistent cold has allowed those areas with big snowmaking and grooming capability to recover nicely.  As you noted, Mad River is in tough shape and I would avoid it.  Taking a lesson on Saturday would make sense as you would avoid the lift lines.  Bumps are something that take time to become skilled at.  Soft bumps are hard to find at the moment, probably only on a trail that has just seen snowmaking. 

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Thanks! That's what I thought about MRG. I was asking the question on the off chance that someone is at Sugarbush right now and has actually seen if there any bump trails w/ recent snowmaking.


I'm certainly not planning to learn bumps in 2 hours, but I thought I could benefit from some instruction at this point...(In addition to reading & youtube.)  So I was wondering if anyone has experience with those 2-hour bump lessons - I guess if they just put everyone in the same (large) group, it won't be so useful... if they sort people into smaller groups, as in "beginner bump skier", "advanced bump skier", etc, the lesson looks like a better idea (again, provided that there's enough reasonable terrain at Mt Ellen at this time). 


In my experience, Mt Ellen lift lines are fairly manageable even on Sat, so I wouldn't want to drop $75 just to avoid lift lines. 

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@BushMogulMaster is someone that drops in here from time to time.  If they get the page perhaps he could recommend an instructor in the area that has solid bump teaching experience.

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