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Two very different foot sizes

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I'm sure you guys have been asked before but here I go. My left foot is 268mm and my right is 256mm. I'm a 38 year old male. 5'11" 175 lbs. I'm an intermediate to advanced skier. I'm on my fifth season of going out to Colorado in a row and average 5-7 full days on the slopes each year. (This year starts a 10-14 day average.) 


I will be staying at my favorite place to ski, Keystone/A-Basin, and plan on purchasing boots when I arrive to the area Feb 1. I want the best boot money can buy for ME. I want something that can help overcome the foot size issue but can also have canting adjustments, etc. I would love to have a boot that could also grow with me and my abilities. (Stiffness adjustment) Is there a boot out there that makes this possible? Or, should I consider buying two different boots of a lesser price to fit each foot and sacrifice options found in many of the upper end boots?


I plan on getting custom foot molds and getting fitted at Christy's. (I would love to go see Greg in Vail as I've heard so many great things but I don't want to make the extra drive and lose time. Especially if any adjustments need to be made.) 


I'm sorry if the question is not specific enough but any direction you pro's can send me is greatly appreciated. 



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The goal is to get a boot that fits properly. Seeing an experienced boot fitter is key. If you have to go to Christy's see who has the most experience as a boot fitter. We cannot assess your feet and biomechanics on line so it is hard to recommend the proper boot. An experienced boot fitter is the answer so the wine guy does not whine...Good Luck

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Is there not a manufacturer or specific boot known to be more forgiving when fitting? I'm very interested in the Apex MC-2. If my questions are not appropriate for this part of the forum let me know. I spent the last two years running a forum for another hobby and understand the frustration of newbies. Like me right now. They generally don't even know even enough to know what the right question is. 

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I want to make it clear that I will be using a boot fitter no matter what. My main fear of not doing any research before hand is the fact any store is limited to fitting me with the boot models and sizes they have in stock. If I got feedback for example, that said Apex's might be a great option, I would want to make sure the store knew I was interested in them and maybe more likely to have them in my size to try. I would hate to get there and find out they aren't carrying that boot in my size. 

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there is no simple answer any more, years ago people would say lange make narrow boots , head makes wide ones etc etc, now everyone makes a wide, narrow and something in between, it is about shape as well as width... the marked width of the boot is only a single point on the forefoot, much more important is the heel area, the ankle fit, the instep height etc, any fitter can make a boot wider


you obviously have had problems in the past and what to get the right thing but you don't want to drive a bit further to see someone like Greg... that sounds a little crazy to me, but i have no idea the difference in drive time you are talking, all i can say is if you can work with a great fitter then you can get a great pair of boots, work with a boot seller and the results will be variable at best

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Go see Greg at Vail and spend one of your ski days, buying and  skiing there to work out the kinks----(Vails' not bad:cool) and your lift tickets should be good there and besides he has an on hill boot fit station at the top of the ridge near the Two Elks Lodge (convenient).



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