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Massif du Sud? [Québec]

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I wonder if any of my fellow Canadians (or anyone else) has skied Massif Du Sud in Quebec?  It seems to get a crazy amount of snow (second deepest base in North American at the moment!), and has a number of trails marked as expert, and seems to have plenty of glades.  Is it the real deal, a hidden gem?  This is not to be confused with Le Massif, which is a larger ski resort, actually not that far away, which also gets a lot of snow, but is far better known.

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Hi Eric,


I went once to Massif du Sud, and indeed they seem to have some kind of micro-climate that gives them a nice amount of snow.

The time I went I did't stay very long because of the wind/cold and the fact that their chairlift is really slow (mind you: my used to skiing in cold conditions, but that time it was really too much).

They had some pretty nice ungroomed terrain, although the vertical is not enormous.

Overall atmosphere was really nice, a bit like Mont-Grands-Fonds (if you know that one).

Would certainly return, suggest you check it out.

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