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I already have a pair of decent looking skies. But, I bought them at one store without doing any research and nobody gave me any advice.
I just decided they looked right for the job and that was that.

I can't help but wonder what could've been, if only I had put a little more thought in my purchase. That is exactly what i'm doing now, three years later.

After a little browsing, it turned out I knew absolutely nothing about skies and so I decided to find some kind of forum that looked like it did. I'ts how I found this place.


Where in the world am I skiing?


That would be the Alps. Mostly France, sometimes Suiss or Austria. Maybe even Italy.


What kind of terrain do I prefer?


I want my next pair of skies to be perfect for all-around usage, more leaning towards off-piste/tricks. So I definitely need them to be carved tipped on both sides, I guess.


How many days a year do I sky?


About 12 days, give or take, for 15 years in a row -2014 being the 15th year-.

So I see myself as fairly experienced, although that might come of as a joke on a forum dedicated to the sport. :p


What's my height and weight?


I'm 183cm tall and I weigh about 74kg's. 

For those with other standards : 6ft - 163lbs


Also, I might add that I am a male, that I live in Belgium and that I'm willing to pay about 400 euros/550 dollars, give or take for skis AND bindings.



Thank you very much :)




EDIT : Since I have no patience, I thought it might speed up the process a little if I gave you guys an example of what I think is good, and then you can give me feedback about them. The Armada Alpha X and the Nordica Patron seem nice for me. They don't come with bindings I think, so I definitely need some advice on that!

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