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Bluebird at The Kan-Mt Spokane

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For the past week the valleys around the Spokane, Washington /Coeur D' Alene, Idaho area has been blanketed with clouds and fog. This damn high pressure system is making life in the lowlands dark and dreary. I was in dire need of an attitude adjustment so we popped out into the upper stratosphere for a little Vitamin D fix at Mt Spokane Ski and Snowboard park.


Jeff Yates Launching into the Abyss of Clouds


With no new snow over the past week the groomers at The Kan are still skiing spectacular. Now mix in bluebird, some sharp Rossi's and you're in for a good time while your buddies are hanging in the abyss 2500 feet below in the valley.

We started the morning off skiing chair Three where the sun was making it's first presence know giving the snow a "bitable" edge.


Desi Leipham Gripping and Ripping the Groomers.


Long time Mt Spokane Local and freestyle Skiing Bump Icon, Jim Nelson is sliding on Tele's now a days.


After an hour of lapping Nastar and Pond run we slid over to Chair One and made our way to the top. The snow was fast and carveable as the morning sun had softened it up a bit. With a few high speed groomers on No Alibi we then ventured over to South Meadows where the view to the South was a solid sea of clouds. In fact no matter which direction you looked it was Clouds, with only the taller peaks popping out in the sunlight. Pretty cool look as long as you weren't the ones under the clouds!


The Spokane Sea


We did a little exploring and made a lap through the Terrain Park where Desi and Jeff were having some fun on a few of the features. Not bad for a couple of "Mature" Adults, Right!!!


Jeff getting a little Old School with a Method.


Desi working on her air skills.


The T-Park has lots of features and it brings you down to Lamonga Pass which has a more northern aspect. Here the snow was fantastic, perfect for carving. 


Coming out on Lamonga made for some cool shots and sweet turning.


After lunch we got back on Chair One and went back up to the top. The snow was holding up extremely well until about 1ish and then the sun started turning the snow in the Meadows and Hourglass into more springlike conditions. That only lasted for about an hour and then it started firming up again just as the cloud layer had finally crept it's way up the valley and covered a a quarter up the mountain. Bluebird on top and then the cloud layer the last pitch.


This was the transition area, Bluebird into Mysty Clouds.


What a way to spark up the week and change my attitude. Vitamin D and sliding on my Rossi's, all new Attitude. Get out there and get some, You'll be a much happier person. I know I am as you can see below!



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Dang you share some fun stuff!!

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Y'all need to stop smiling! Beautiful pics. My mom lives in Spokane and was lamenting the fog just the other day.

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Trekchick-Life is short, gotta live Life to it's fullest! Thanks for the props and as soon as we get some more snow, some more fun adventures in store. I'm chomping at the bit right now as I am sure most everyone else is!

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Great pics!  Heck...just looking at them cheers me up.

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cmr40-Now just imagine how happy you'd be if you were out there skiing it rather than looking at the pics. Fun conditions out there. Get Some!

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