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WTB: Beer league "cheaters", 175-180cm. Dynastar Course Ti 177cm, 2012/13 would be ideal.

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First post!


I'm looking for a pair of used or new (2012/13) Dynastar Course Ti skis for my beer league (Nashoba, east coast).  177cm would be perfect for me.  I'd prefer to buy them with bindings mounted, but open to all options.


In fact, if you have another comparable non-FIS "cheater" GS'ish ski in the 175-180cm range, then I may be interested.  I'm looking for the usual suspects including Atomic D2 non-FIS, Head i.speed, Nordica Dobermann, etc.  A radius in the 17-19m range would be perfect.  I'm not looking to pay new 2014 prices, so used skis or models from the last couple of years would be great. 


I'm located just north of Boston.  I could pick up in the New England area, or if you're willing to ship then we could work that out as well.





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Edited my post to remove useless information!  Sorry!  You're one of the top guys on Mondays, right?  What are you skiing on now?

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Ahhhh, you found me in the results (yes Monday nights for about 12 years now).  I'm usually top 10 or 20, so not really a top guy but competitive enough to want more of an "edge", so to speak.  My wife would skewer me if I went out an bought a new pair though. 


I'm currently on a pair of 2005 (or 2006, I don't know) Rossi 9S in 165cm.  So yeah, time for an upgrade!  I thought I would try for an aggressive radius GS ski based on some of the challenges I've been having with SL skis, and what I've been reading about other people's beer league experiences.

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I'm also looking for 177 Speed Course Ti's

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I'm selling a pair of Rossi 9GS skis in 180cm.  Send me a PM if interested:


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Thanks!  That does look like a great deal and I would imagine you'll unload those easily.  Unfortunately I've decided to stay on slalom skis.  The final 4-5 weeks of our season proved tighter than the first few weeks.  My teammates experimented with some SL and GS skis and I think the conclusion reached was that SL was a better choice for the majority of the races this year.  That certainly proved to be the case on championship night as well, which was quite turny (and just as tight).  


The good news is that we won the championship!  The grand prize is that we'll be flying out to Jackson Hole for a few days of skiing next year.  Needless to say we're ecstatic, and feeling quite fortunate!


Anyway, I am still on the lookout for a new or gently used pair of SL skis.  Something in 165 or slightly longer.  Let me know if anyone has anything that fits this description.  Thanks!

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How about these, and I am in Waltham. These only have 3 runs on them, new condition. Price negotiable, trades welcomed

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You will see a noticeable speed/controllable difference between the SL and GS.


I have a set of Doberman SLR (SL) and Dynastar Speed Course (23m GS).  Difference SLR's top is about 40'ish, Speed Course well....skier limited (both the skier wearing them and those that may get in the way :eek ).


http://www.ebay.com/itm/2013-Dynastar-Speed-Course-WC-175cm-Womens-Skis-w-PX-12-MaxFlex-Bindings-/201050852520?pt=Skiing&hash=item2ecf908ca8 might be of interest.  This is something like what I ski.

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Thanks oldschoolskier.  Our course tends to get tighter through the season and I think we end up much closer to slalom than GS.  It's a 23-second course, so I doubt we're approaching 40mph, but admittedly I have no concept of mph when I'm skiing.  The guys on my team who experimented with GS skis in the tighter courses confirmed that they were difficult to control and produced slower times, though of course they loved them in the courses with less gates.  I think I've concluded that a slalom ski would be best if you have to choose one.


Lowell, thanks for the offer.  What year are those (and what radius)?  So far I've been looking more closely at the recent Blizzard, Nordica, and Atomic SL models.  Now that the race league is over, I'm in no hurry.  Hoping to strike gold in an end-of-season sale.

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They are mid 2000's Dynastar Course 64 Speed, 184cm, 21.5m radius, 92-64-104 side cut. I took them out for the last 3 runs one day and haven't used them since. They still have the barcode stickers on them. How much? Make me an offer I can't refuse or trade me a cool pair of vintage skis straight up. I liked these just fine, but I have other race skis and a pile of vintage stuff that will take me a few seasons to try them all. I figure since they are in new condition why not let someone else get some fun out of them. They have Look Pivot 14 bindings on the integrated plates, and the plates are pre-drilled from the factory so if your boots don't fit you can move them with a screwdriver at home.

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Thanks Lowell!  Those aren't what I'm looking for, but I'm sure someone else will be interested.  I'm looking for about half that radius and 15-20cm shorter :)


Thanks again and good luck!

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I don't know if you ever found what you are looking for, but I have a pair of Atomic LT12 172cm in super condition with a fresh grind on them. they may have a total of 6 days on them. I will send pictures if you are interested.



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Just in case you didn't find a pair of Course Ti's I have a pair of 2013 178cm Course Ti's that I can sell.

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I have a brand new pair of 12/13 course Ti's in 177cm with brand new matching Look PX12 racing bindings (not mounted) I may consider selling. I just bought them a month ago for $599. Not sure if I have time to race this season?
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Hi Buckwild: PM sent.

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