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New Boots - cold frustration

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Frustration setting in…


Looking for suggestions…


New Boots but not the results that I was expecting… Love the boots when it’s warm.. When it’s cold (like now -10C and colder) I hate the boots…. my feet are freezing. Reminds me as a youngster playing pond hockey.


I’ve got 15 days in them – no pain– so far just a light glove type fit only a couple of red spots on the ankle bone (outside on both ankles) and at the baby toe joint (both feet) not painful, just red.


The setup…

Lange RX130 LV (26.5)

Lange World Cup Fit Liners (26.5)

Shell fit is around 12mm (at the heel) and about 5mm at forefoot

Moulded foot bed

The liner fit out of the shell is light snug and my toes are pressed together (side to side) but not ‘tightly’ – think snug slipper. My toes are following the shape of the liner.


My Foot…

High arch & instep

270mm length


Boot Work done at fit…

Heel pockets grounded to accept my heel bones better

Light grind to accept ‘6th’ toe


I have used boot gloves (helps a bit but only for a while) and I change socks and installed Hotronics ( Don't always have them on and never on any higher than the middle setting)


What I’ll try…

Try the stock liners (without the moulded foot beds as they create instep pressure) easy to do to see if they are warmer.



I thought the best course of action would be to go back to the fitter and see what he had to say. I’ve contacted the store to make an appointment (it’s a 2 ½ drive) but the original fitter is busy or not available. The store has suggested I could talk to another fitter, as the fitter who I had used has trained them.


My first option …I could see another fitter at the same shop as they have a fit guarantee but I don’t get a feeling of continuity.

2nd is to take the boots to another fitter at a cost but whose to say I’m in the correct boot presently.

3rd Return the boots and start over at another shop.


Season is short and my feet are cold...

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if your instep is high for the boot, your fitter should:


1. open up a "fit pocket" directly above the instep bump to take the pressure off the blood flow and nerves that pass through that bump on the instep on their way to the toes. The lange liner is quite thick over the instep and there is a lot of material to work with. your shop needs to be comfortable cutting and then re-sealing the nylon, plastic, and eva foam that is in the tongue. the best shops either re-stitch, or re-glue the tongue for best functionality. there is also the cover over the the stretch nylon that holds the tongue in place that can be removed to make more instep space. same warning, the fitter needs to know how to re-stitch or re-glue anytime the seam threads are cut.


2. do an upstretch on the shell above the bump on top of your instep. once again, it takes a fitter and a shop with good tools and good skills to perform this kind of stretch successfully.


3. continue to use the boot gloves and hotronics.



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exactly what Jim says, sounds like you have a pretty good fit barring this single problem, work with the store/fitter to resolve it,


there is one thing he didn't mention, ankle joint flexibility, often (not all the time) that high arched/high instep foot can have restricted flexion at the ankle joint, if this is the case then it may not be your instep restricting the blood flow, but simply that you are loading the ball of the foot too much which will give you that cold numb feeling 


i certainly don't see something like this as a reason to return boots!  we get this occasionally and it winds me up, ski boots can be modified and feet do not come out of boxes, sure if the store is unable to modify the boot, but you need to give them a chance, if you don't all you do is end up with


A) no boots for you

B) the store has a pair of used boots to go in the bin 

C) you have to try and get sorted again at another store which could lead to another pair of boots the same and takes time to do

D) A bad feeling all over 

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Thanks Jim.. 

This weekend I'll play a bit with the buckles and see if I can get more pressure off the instep as a test (at the expense of having the boots loose) to see if this will make a difference. With the world Cup liners I don't really feel much in the way of instep pressure (compared to the stock RX130 LV liner) but then maybe it doesn't take much to make a difference. What kind of feeling across the top should I be looking for? like the sensation of a pair of socks?

I'm sure that you (and Colin and others) have seen more than your fair share of modifying the liner tongue and the liner over the instep (pictures? - just curious)

What kind of glue is used to reseal? - the tongue on my wife's boots were cut away with a box knife (another shop a few years ago) and she was recently mentioning discomfort - I checked and it had nothing holding it together.


Thank you Colin (CEM)

Your points about the store are well taken. It's frustration speaking and in hind sight maybe out of place. I had changed boot fitters for this new pair of boot to a highly sought after fitter. I am trying to build the relationship and get the feeling that I am being handed off.


Regarding flexion.. I'll pay attention over the weekend to see if I'm loading the ball of the foot. I don't remember feeling heel lift - but if I did I'd be on the ball of the foot more - correct? Anything else I could look for as an observation?

As a self check - what should I see in the way of flexion?



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Just bumping - update. - some good and a question...

If you feel like reading - thanks.. if not bottom of the post is my question 



still -10C to -17C temps on hill temps ..


We're getting there...

1) played with buckle tension, used Boot heaters and boot gloves as expected slightly warmer.. never tried 'stock' liners to see if they are warmer or not - I know that they are tight over the instep and would need work..


Made appointment with original boot fitter.. get there - he's not in.. got the young guy who is "trained". Seems ok .. describe issues, he takes the boots and grinds small relief's for base of small toe (both boots), grinds length relief for 2nd toe (RH foot) and run the grinder down the upper roof over the instep (both boots) to give some room. Boots and liners back on in the shop - feel better.


Back out on the snow.. (-10C) feet are cold but not overly so - so this is an improvement. Notice a pain in RH baby toe. Liner out I run my hand inside the shell and find the pocket that was ground and find that it feels deep with the edge not blended. This hard edge lines up with the sore spot. I can either leave it and make another appointment of take matters into my own hands. Dremel is to long to fit in so I decided to get out some sandpaper and I blended out the ridge. Boot back on snow the next day RH foot is good no pain from ridge.


So far so good BUT..




1) I'm close to 24 days in these boots and because I running the buckles a bit loose (because of the temp) I do notice some heel lift - If I tighten the booster there is less lift or hard to notice - as it warms up I'll work on tightening the heel buckle (2nd from the top) and the top buckle but see if this creates 'new' pressure points.

I'll need to pay attention to the liner as they pack out.. Volume I think might  be to low. I'm using the World Cup Fit liner which is lower volume compared to the standard RX130 LV liner - so the boot will automatically not be as snug - comments?




2) I've noticed that the nail bed on my LH big toe is sore and shows some discoloration.. IS this from the foot moving as the result of the heel lift? I can lift the toe up and touch the liner and push the liner up toward the roof of the toe box (best I can describe) - normal?

Or should I be looking for another cause?



Thanks for reading...

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