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Tele binding mount near Boston?

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Anyone know of a good shop that will mount tele bindings in Boston or the surrounding suburbs? I tried REI in Framingham but that was a no go...

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i know REI is reading sellings tele bindings and skis/boots.
i would be very surprised if they didn't mount.
i would call them if i were you.
good luck
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if you are up for it you can pretty easily mount your own telemark bindings.

Here's an instructional link from Dr. Telemark


Or you can rent a mounting jig from the guys at Telemarkski.com


here's another useful link Telemark Ski Mounting 101


hope this helps...

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For a simple three-pin binding, Weston Ski Track can mount it.
Otherwise, Bob Smith's Wilderness House.
(I would have though REI also, but I could be wrong - did you try calling all three of their stores in the greater Boston area?)
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Thanks for the tips all - I think I'll head into Bob Smith's in town to get them done. My brother had the same bindings done there so they shouldn't have a problem with it.

I actually only called the REI in Framingham since it was the closest one to where I live. Everyone seemed very vague as to if they could do it or not (not a good sign) and when I went in the store I got told the one guy who possibly could wasn't around.

I'd mount them myself but I recently moved and have no tools around. I'm hoping to get up to Tenney within the next two weeks so I wanted to get it done soon.

On the same note, has anyone checked out the new K2 tele skis? They come with inserts in them for the bindings. As someone who has ripped out a couple pairs of bindings, I'm interested to see how they pan out.
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