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Need advice on SL & GS Skis for a -very- light person

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Hey all,


22 years old, 5'11". Here's the kicker: I tend to orbit around 115 pounds, usually a little lighter in the winter as I burn through calories in the cold.


My current pair of skis is at least six years old (probably more around 8) and I think I've hit every rock between the east coast and the pacific with them, so these would also be replacing my all-mountain skis (K2 Crossfires). I live in Virginia but tend to get out west (think Jackson Hole, Alta, Telluride, Mammoth, Aspen, etc.) at least once a year totaling anywhere between 8-15 days total. I ski pretty often here in the east, probably around another 15 days/year.


I can (and do) ski pretty much everything anywhere I go - I don't do any backcountry because I don't have any avi gear, but if it's in bounds I can ski it, whether it's bumps, trees, steeps, whatever.


So the question: I also am on a club race ski team here in college and may join a casual league after college. What would be a good set of skis for me to get for SL and GS? I don't envision myself gaining 30 pounds over the next few years so I'm not too worried about growing out of anything I get now. I am also not too worried about getting a pair of wider/softer non-race skis, as if I really need them I can rent them over the one time in every 4 years that I actually see a true "powder day."


Thanks in advance for any advice y'all can give me.

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Disregarding your need to see a doctor, cuz your BMI is waaay down in Anorexia territory, I'd suggest something made by Fischer. They're light and lively, popular among junior racers, who are roughly your weight, and they grip like pit bulls. Volkl also makes lighter and more flexible race skis that juniors like, bit damper than Fischers.

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Not sure how you are that small. You have an inch on me and I have close to 85lbs on you. You might as well rule out any adult race ski. Look into some of the longer junior skis that are out there.

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Take heart. (  wish I was that light ) because allll the kids race skis are available to you.

Kids race skis are not for kids. They are Real Skis for Little People. http://www.coloradodiscountskis.com/store/product5136.html

About a decade ago I tried an Elan GS "Junior" in a 170cm...Absolute torsional stiffness and no skid. Damping was right in there too. Just a rocket...This is probably a new and improved rocket...   http://www.coloradodiscountskis.com/store/product4648.html

Since then, the Junior skis for 14-16 year olds are killer. And they are cheaper And they are available Used because kids grow up and the clubs are stuffed with great options.

Fill Your Ski Closet for $150-200 / pair !  Talk to a Coach for a ski review.

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