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A couple days in Colorado, where to ski?

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I was able to set up a business meeting in Vail and I am taking the opportunity to get a couple of days skiing in. It is a dinner meeting in Vail, so I'll most likely ski Vail the next day. I'm staying at the Westin Beaver Creek. The next day I am open, I have a 7pm flight out of Denver so that is the only consideration. I haven't skied Colorado in 20 years. The last time I was there, I skied Vail, Beaver Creak, Copper Mountain, and Keystone. From what I remember, Vail was big, but lacked steeps. Could be because I didn't know where to go. It seemed liked anything rated a double diamond was a bump run. Beaver Creek was similar, but it was an epic powder day so it didn't really matter what the terrain was. Copper had some steeper terrain, but had to hike to get there. I don't remember much about Keystone.


My preferred terrain is steep chutes, glades and bowls. I actually prefer wind blown over powder. Most of my days are at Mammoth, which is probably why I have this preference. For perspective, my favorite runs at Mammoth are Avy Chutes, patrol line on Climax and Paranoids.


Assuming I ski Vail the first day, I am open to anything the second day. I have not booked the accommodations the second night. I was thinking maybe Breckenridge, but I don't really know anything about it.


Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Copper, Breck and A-basin are your best bets for steep chutes, glades and bowls.  


When will you be here?  All the steeps are not open yet, but getting close.  Also, what day of week will you be skiing?  You'll want to avoid the crowds at Vail and Breck on the weekends.... and pretty much all spring break, aka March.

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Tball is on the money. I love steeps. I don't ski A Basin much but can give you a few specific recommendations.


Copper's steeps tend to be pretty short.in the realm of less bumps more steeps it's a bit of a problem. Yet there are a few spots:

So Fine in Spaulding bowl -- go right to the rope line for the steeper less bumped line
cornice chute also is Spaulding
Atlantic and Pacific cornice in Spaulding
Double zero in resolution bowl (will have bumps)
Iron mask, lalarokin, scaeffers in Copper Bowl
buzzards alley on union peak
Retreat and Kaboom off of the Sierra lift
Tucker mountain


Horseshoe bowl and in particular Lulu's
Contest bowl and specially King
Peak 7 especially Y chutes, Sadie's, magic carpet, and Arte's Bowl
The lake chutes especially crazy Ivan's
Eye of the needle

Arapahoe basin

Hike to terrain on the east wall such as the North Pole
The Alleys
Some stuff in Montezuma Bowl

Hope this helps. Personally, I tend to look to Breck for the steeps, although A-bay does have them beat if the east wall is open. Skiing Breck on a weekend without line cutting privileges is a problem though.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I will be there on 2/3-2/5 so I'll ski on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Sounds like I'll go to Breck. And don't get me wrong, I love bumps too, I'd just rather there be more variety.

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You might be able to check out the new hike-to terrain on Peak 6.  I've not skied it yet but it looks pretty promising...



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