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sawn-off poles for SL training

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I recently found some videos at this Norwegian site:


On several of the videos the skier is training in a slalom course using very short sawn-off poles. I'm interested to hear if anybody on this forum has used this method and what the perceived advantages are.


I have also occasionally seen younger racers using (in training) a customized single ski pole with a grip and hand guard at each end. I can see some advantages of this when stepping up to full-length gates from stubbies (skier can*t easily stretch the outside hand across to clear the gate, which causes over-rotation) and having a pole across the body can give a nervous skier more confidence. It also helps keep the hands and shoulders horizontal.


Since I have plenty of old and bent poles lying around I was thinking to get a saw out, make a set of each and try them out. Maybe I can make something useful out of some junk! Any ideas or things to think about?



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Those are not "sawn off" slalom poles, they are "stubbies" which still have the brush/hinge as a full pole would. They also make a soft plastic version with no hinge but I'm not a fan of them personally. 


These are a great training device as they don't encourage the over reach most tend to develop when learning to cross block.


More info on them here:

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I know what stubbies are! I am talking about the poles you hold in your hands. It's those that they have sawn off (just a few inches from the hand guard).
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No ideas anyone? Maybe they are just convenient for putting in your ski bag :-)

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balance. skiing without poles in SL will destroy your hands so you saw them off and keep only the hand guards.

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I'd sure hate to fall on the non grip end of one of those sawed of poles:eek

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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

I'd sure hate to fall on the non grip end of one of those sawed of poles:eek

The cycling world solved this one long ago... Bar end caps, wine corks, streamers, etc.... Nothing to eek about here... Move along... smile.gif
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