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A hint of Japow

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Was going to make a thread with regular shots throughout the season, but I have been super busy with work and have not got many shots this season. Almost stayed in yesterday as the report didn't look great, but it was pretty good once I got out there. There's a few more on my blog (bottom of the post) if anyone's keen. 





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Wonderful shots. A field of dreams. Thanks for sharing.


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Fantastic!  Hopefully there will be something like that for my hell trip...



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I'll post one as well:


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Nice Mark! Is that below Holiday near the gondola?

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Kanazawa Seymour just outside of the area... Not the right island, but... smile.gif My avatar is at the end of the day somewhere just below Hana 2 (not Strawberry fields ) I'd never seen tracks in there as the trees are tighter than the Niseko norm, but it was still a very nice cruise back on the way down. I'll try to find some old vid shot around Niseko and Seymour.
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