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knee dropping binding advice

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i am looking to get new gear this year and after having some bad experiences with Rottefella Chili bindings I have been left with a bad taste in my mouth and am looking for something new... :

i have been tele skiing since '95, about 60-70% backcountry, 30-40% resort. i feel like there isnt much that i can't get down (others might argue with me), but that sure doesn;t mean that i always look good doing it i have gone through a couple different skis, from rossi tele skis to k2 enemies currently with the Chili binding and plate, which are (were) a real kick inthe pants. learned in old leather boots, now in good 'ol plastic garmonts.

anyway... i am considering going to a releasable binding, and am wondering what others expereinces with these have been? good, bad, indifferent? is it worth the higher price? do they release consistently? any other binding recommendations? as i said, i would like to stay away from Rottefella, as they don't stand behind their products : ... any input is greatly appreciated. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

okay, one other question.. any input on BlackDiamond Crossbow, or Mira skis??? thank you, that is all...

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What went wrong with Rottefella? Just curious.

Seems like the best releasable option is the Karhu 7tm.
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General consensus seems to be that the 7tm is the best releaseable on the market, but they are high $$$$. I've never skiied it though. I use Linkens on one pair and Voile CRB's on the other. I use the Linkens for all-mtn skiing and love their performance. I use the Voile's on twin-tips and use those skis for trying new tricks. The Voile release system is difficult to deal with at best, if it stays on during hard skiing it doesn't release well and if it releases well it pre-releases A LOT. Still I like it pretty well. Releaseable tele bindings are still a work in progress, I would tend to think that the best way to go would be a two binding system, if you are skiing conditions where pre-release would be very bad go with a non-releaseable binding. If you are skiing where you want the ski to release to avoid knee injury go with a releasable. Just my opinion on the matter.

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thanks for the input TD, i am really considering the 'two system' approach, in an effort to avoid knee injuries. i am under the impression that the 7tm is not only one of the best out there, but one of the only [img]smile.gif[/img] i have been reading about black diamonds from last year(?) that have been having structural/material problems?! but this years new version, evidently, is supposed to be remedied of this... hmmmmm. have to look into the linkens... thanks for your opinion [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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