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Last call...

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I've researched extensively, have read many threads and many boards. But at the end of the day, I trust the EpicSki community most.


I am 5'10", 210 pds, borderline advanced/expert, and ski fast, hard, and aggressive. I ski 70% in the east, and 30% in the west.


I've decided to purchase the Volkl RTM84...


But, the real question I'm struggling with is length - 176 or 181? 


Any last call suggestions...

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As easy as the RTM84 skis, and how you ski, the 181 might just be your ticket to high speed enjoyment .
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I agree with Phil, it's not demanding so the more tail on that ski the better.

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Thanks gentlemen - I was leaning towards the 181, so that seals the deal. Local shop has them on sale right now, so I'll pull the trigger tomorrow.


Thanks again Thumbs Up

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