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St Anton and Lech-Zurs live conditions - anyone

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Curious, web suggests conditions dismal, I wonder what it is like off the Valluga. I heard from some folks who went to Lech in late December and early Jan, and they said Madloch Joch was not open etc. Any insights and updates invited?

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They got new snow last week, and they've got light snow forecasted every day from tomorrow to Monday with the freezing level well below the resort base. So, conditions should definitely improve.

You can see the webcam from the Valluga here http://www.stantonamarlberg.com/en/st-anton/live-cam/valluga-webcam.html. All webcams here http://www.stantonamarlberg.com/en/st-anton/live-cam/2.html.
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More than 1/2 metre forecast in the next 9 days.


Should be good.

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Thanks, now this needs to continue into the spring! Late spring!

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St Anton area probably has the best snow conditions in Austria right now, well that's what i am hearing from some buddies that skied there just 3-4 days ago, in all they have great trails, highly recommended! 

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If all else fails, head over to Italy, they've had dump, after dump, after dump...

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St Anton has good snow now. There were a couple of days this week week with moderate snow and a pretty good dump last night. More snow forecasted for Sunday as well.
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Coming from the US, the Arlberg is always awesome!




I'm in St Anton now and have been for the last month......Snow is worst it's been since 2005. That said, there are options. Lech/Zurs/Zug etc is terrible and badly beaten from the Fohn winds. Valluga isn't really viable off piste, Schindler is good depending day to day, Rendl has been pretty darn good considering, Ishgl is not worth it unless you just want to be on piste, Pitztal is ok.......If I were coming here with no objective I would head to Fieberbrunn or south to southern Tirol / Italian area.

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Thanks, I also heard conditions are 'so-so' in the Arlberg last week. Funny, I was looking at European places and wondering how this spring is going to turn out. Things look pretty iffy! Italy, where ? I wonder if Espace Killy and/or Val Thorens area is getting pounded with snow as they are south. Funny, even in the US it appears the weather systems are hammering the lower latitudes. I was in Canada (on work not skiing) and know they closed Tremblant on Friday. It's tropical this week in the East though a cold front coming next week. There is snow on the ground up North in the East and finally Utah and Whistler-B getting snow this past month.

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If you are interested in Italian options I would look in to Cervinia, Cortina, Alta Badia or Gressoney. I was just at Gressoney yesterday and can contest it is in really fantastic shape. All of the above have considerably more snow than in the Arlberg due to the recent large storms.....I think nearly 200cms mid mtn which is 2X more than St Anton etc despite reports on the web.


I'm packing up Thursday and heading to Jackson Hole. Why fight mother nature :)

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How do you manage transatlantic travel at will ! We skied Cervinia last year, and will check the others, and you have the on-the-ground intelligence, we have to look at the April 12-19 week, that is a key factor too.

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The short answer is I own a business that allows me to have winters off......and open ended airline tickets are worth their weight in gold when on longer stays abroad. 


In the event you aren't aware of these weather/forecast sites below; check em out.







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Here is another great short term radar for the Arlberg region only.



...Looks like southern France / Switz is getting hit hard again!

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What is the locals opinion of snow pack in the Swiss Alps for this time of year for Verbier, Zemat, and Saas Fee? Normal, below normal?

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Verbier about normal, Saas-Fee and Zermatt above normal. 

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Sporthotel Steffisalp in Warth has already announced of the extencion of the ski season until 27th April. More snow is predicted to come there in next couple of days, possibly even almost 50cm!



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Snow depths in the Arlberg region (St Anton, Lech, Warth) are way below average and have been all season. Yes, some snow is forecast over the next 36hrs but after that we are expecting high pressure to dominate for a while.

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Yup, also got a friend who it turns out is back in the Arlberg, and a lot of off-piste is closed. Tough..but they have been getting some snow now.

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