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Liftie snow art

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The lifties at a lot of places have been known to make snow art in their spare moments. Here's a recent creation at Ski Santa Fe:

Pretty good. Maybe you've seen something good where you've been skiing.
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Last year our lifties had a few good ones.  One was a shark with a ski boot & ski protruding from his sharp toothed jaws.


I will have to get some pictures & add to this thread if the crew gets industrious this year.

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I didn't get a picture, but after a dump over Christmas week they made a large reptile.  I asked if it was supposed to be a crocodile or an alligator and they said that they didn't know.  I told them that it had to be a gator because gators live in fresh water while crocs like salt (in North America at least)


In leiu of the gator, here's a picture of one of the snow bears from Blimpy Burger:



(Blimpys got torn down to build a new dorm a few months ago)

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Saw Optimus Prime at Northstar last weekend.

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Seen a couple of pretty ergonomically designed snow sofas that lifties carved out by the corrals.  Haven't seen anything that cool lately though.  Great thread!

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