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Bears I need your help

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I have a very good friend who I worked with for years over at Loveland prior to running off to Aspen. We reunited when I moved back to Keystone. In fact we shared a locker. Today I got the news that he is lying in a hospital after getting shot by his son, who also shot and killed his step mom and himself. It's with shock and sadness that I share this and I am hoping we as skiers and fellow instructors will add our collective power of prayer to help this family get through this crisis and help Bruce pull through. Thanks in advance for your help.

Don (JASP)Duran


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Will do. Sorry you and your friends have to deal with such a thing.
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That's aweful. May god be with them.
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Hope he pulls through. What a horror.
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Sorry to read this. Sending good vibes..........

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Worst Nightmare Ever.  So sorry, sending up a prayer for Bruce.

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So sorry, my thoughts are with you & Bruce...

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Very sorry to hear this. May he be well again.

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What a sad chain of events.


Prayers and good thoughts to Bruce, his family, and all of you who are his friends and coworkers.

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Yuck. Sorry. Holding him in the light.
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Ouch, that just made it extra sad. Good luck to him.
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