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Advice on skis for tele beginner

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After taking lessons last year, this is the season to pursue telemark turns. Boots and bindings have been secured - but what skis to use? (6', 175#) I'd rather not spend $ on new gear at this time, and have the following skis available:

Kneissl White Star M1 (190) 89-62-89, stiff GS ski

Dynastar MAX RL (180 or 170) 98-64-85 very soft, very light older model rental ski

Head "The Big Easy" (170) 119-70-108 soft, somewhat heavy, common rental ski

This will be for lift-served, primarily groomed, at least to start with. Last June I had a great time making what resembles tele turns with backcountry gear in the melting slush, and I'm hooked.

Comments much appreciated
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If they are all free, id go with the Heads. They seem a bit on the short side, but so do the 180 Dynastar. Definitely not the kneissels though. You usually want a softer ski when you tele than when you alpine.

Most likely, like all new tele skiers you'll get addicted and buy something brand new, bright and shiny half way through the season.
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Thanks for the advice, Looks like the Heads are destined for tele bindings. Should be fun!

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I know its a little on the late side...

170s should be fine, especially for someone new to the sport who is learning on shaped skis. I have a pair of 150s, just for fun, and I am heavier than you.

The other thing to consider, and another reason to go with the Heads, is that a lighter ski is (probably) less strong: it may have a foam core, poor construction, etc. With the fewer mounting screws, and a more focused point of force on the ski than what an alpine setup would have, this is begging to rip out bindings- not a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Good luck, and welcome...


Tele: If it was easy, they'd call it snowboarding...
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Good advice on ski strength - Yes, the dynastars are foam but the Head's are wood core.

I just got ahold of the boots and bindings - Crispi CX-R boots and Black Diamond Riva-Z bindings. (On loan from my brother for the season) and now have another question:

Should I mount the bindings with or without the lifter plates? The toe plate is about 25mm high and the heel plate / lifter combo is 32mm high.

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Use the riser plates, they will help your turns on hard snow.

One of my first pairs of tele skis where foam core Dynastars. That was a fun day when I tore the binding out. :
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My current ski is the Atomic 10ex with Targa G3 binders. It is very light and stiff ride. It is great on groomers, in the crud, and most important in the pow. I use it on the resort and in the BC it is a great all around ski.

If you are a strong alpine skier and you like the high end stiff skis...ie. Atomics, Volkl. Head Monsters...mount up a set.

I have skiied the telemark specific skis in the past. Tua Big Easy's, K2 Piste Off and I have found alpine skis suit my needs better...Just my 2 cents worth.

Good luck in your quest!
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Go shorter for now. It will help you learn,.. save the longer lengths for when you have the turn down pat and are starting to go fast.
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