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New Lange shell sizing?

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Good day,



I have been on Lange's for the past 15 years. X09(both stock and race stock versions), Banshee, L10 and now just put in an order for XT 130. I have always been a solid 27.5 with minor tweaking to the liner, nothing to the shell.


Since I dont have access to a local shop anymore, I purchased the XT130 stupidly thinking that the sizing should still be the same as my other shells(313mm, 1.5" shell spacing) but to my utter dismay, NOT. I was not able to try this model on in my size so I had to make the order without trying them on. 


The day after I ordered them, I happened to be in an area with an REI(ya I know)and so I stopped in to see what they had, a 26.5 XT100. This felt just like my 27.5! I started to SH!7 bricks that I got the wrong size. I tried on the 27.5(316mm?) and was almost swimming in them.I threw in some generic superfeets to mimic my footbeds and it took up most of the room but I am still very concerned. I have no problem shimming with pads but the fit should be better out of the box. 


My questions:


Has anybody done the same, buy Lange's in the same size to find out the shell size is now too big? 

I have not received the boots yet so maybe Im tripping for no reason. 

Will the foam/liner have any different affect on the size from XT100 to 130? Is the 100 a more forgiving fit?


Anybody interested in a 27.5 if they dont fit? LOL.



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the answers you get in this forum are specifically from boot fitters, so it is not likely that any of us want to buy them


1 they run big to size

2 if you bought the XT rather than the XT lv (low volume) they will be like a bucket compared to all the other models you have worn in the past

3 the foam in the liner in the 100 is a little softer but it doesn't make a size of difference

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Thanks for the reply, CEM.

I did the wrong research, should have focused on sizing. I took it for granted shell sizing did not change.

Looks like L10s may come out of retirement. I'll update after the unboxing.

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Unboxed, unfit.


After anxiously waiting for my first new boots in years, I am dismayed by the revised sizing. Fit is like a tibial plaster cast with the exposed toes. I have the "long second" and still am nowhere close to the end of the liner. My toes are all floppy like Zoidbergs mustachio. Shell sizing is two plus inches. The size did not grow linearly compared to my L10's. L10 shell = 313mm, XT130 = 316 but the room in the shell is MUCH more than the implied 3mm.


My feet are swimming like kids in the pool in the new Lange XT130 27.5s. Im going to 26.5 in RX130, I realize now how much precision I had in my go-to boot. I may even do the Surefoot. Researching that next....



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I have an even longer history with Langes than you do and have historically always skied in the old 313mm (sz-9) shell. It always took a lot of work for my sz 28.5 foot............but doable. With the new shell, I'm still in the 27 (316mm). The difference is that the amount of work necessary is much less. Keep in mind that the XT is wider overall and roomier in the toes than what you've had. The XT LV is closer in overall width to your past boots.



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