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Utah skiing, late Feb - Alta, Snowbird, Park City

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My friend and I are going to Utah on Feb 22nd for 4 days.  We are both pretty good skiers but would also like some apres-ski, restaurants and nightlife.  We were thinking of finding an affordable hotel in Park City for all 4 nights, skiing in PC one day and then renting a car to ski Alta/Snowbird for the next 3 days (subject to change depending on the conditions).


For people that have been there and/or know the area, does this plan make sense?

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The Utah conundrum: The resort life is in Park City but the world class skiing is not.  It really depends on your personal priorities.  Your plan doubles the commute time to Alta/Bird, but if you really want both worlds it's not an unreasonable plan.

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Sure. Easy drive. Also, PC, is centrally located in case you want to go to Snowbasin or Pow Mow. If there's new snow you have the Cottonwoods. If there isn't, and you like groomers and moguls you have the PC resorts. Also, we ain't got no smog up here....
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I agree with the previous posts -- PC is centrally located in comparison to everywhere to ski and it can't be beat for apres ski activities.  I too recommend a hop up to Snowbasin one day to check that out.  I skied there all day today and while it was still a ton of fun, I just can't wait until we get another storm to freshen up the runs.


T. - www.wasatchreport.com

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It might make sense.  It's about a >45 minute drive to LCC.  The three resorts in PC are big and worthy of a visit.  Ski one day at LCC and one day at a PC resort and figure out the rest as you go.  You might hit it good with a good storm in PC and find no reason to venture out of town.

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I do this all the time. You're on vacation. Leave PC at 8am and you'll be on first lift for cottonwood canyon resorts. And although people complain about the quality of PC resorts compared to Cottonwood Canyons, on a powder day at PC resorts, you will have plenty of fun. Just decide as you go.  

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Thanks all for the input.  I think we are going to spend the first night near the SLC airport (flights gets in at 11pm) and then stay in Park City the next 3 nights, while still driving to Alta and Snowbird to ski.  


Does anyone have any suggestions of affordable places to stay in Park City?  I found a place at the Prospector Square Lodge for about $110/night.  Seems reasonable.  Has anyone stayed there?

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Not sure where prospector Lodge is, but usually you get a better value the farther away you get from Old Town. Like places out in Kimball Junction, Olympic Park area. Also, much closer to I-80 for access to Cottonwood ski areas. check out VRBO and Home Away.

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Also check out crags list under vacation rentals SLC.  I found a killer deal on slope side at Snowbird through CL.  There ware a lot of Park City properties being offered at very reasonabIe rates even for Sundance week. It felt like there were more and better deals the longer I waited to  commit.  Of course I knew I was going during a dead period.

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Park City:





Salt Lake City today:


 Kinda amazing, isn't it. Governor Herbert says things like " Stop using hairspray" and "the governments done everything it can do. Pray for storms."  Gee, Gov, we're doing that anyway but for different reasons...


 But, you'll be above this pea soup, or with luck, a big snowstorm will come in and blow it out: Here's what it looks like at altitude: Olympic Slopeside trials at PCMR last weekend:





 And Alta/Bird on Monday, East Baldy, Mineral Basin in background. Beautiful.


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I'd live in SLC if it weren't for that nasty inversion.  Thank God the clean air of the mountains is so close!


T. - www.wasatchreport.com

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