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Alpine Trekkers or Diamir freedride

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Could anyone give me opinions on either products. I am currently a downhill skier, but have the desire to access more pow in the Washington backcountry. I am willing to go either way as they are not much different in price. Thanks
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id go with the freerides, i've never used trekkers, but ive had to wait for plenty of folks who have
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Do you need DIN of over 10 or are you particularly hard on bindings? If not I would consider getting the Diamirs rather than the Freerides. You might as well save a bit of extra weight.

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I have used alpine trekkers and diamir bindings. The trekkers are servicable but they are heavy and they put your foot up high which makes it more difficult to skin. The diamir bindings are great, lightweight and they release very well. Drawbacks are as follows:
-DIN setting on the diamirs is up to 10, if need a higher setting go with freerides
-bindings are more fragile than normal binding, i.e. don't kick snow off of boot by scraping your bindings, toe piece has been known to break. This is a very light binding.
I know professional guides that use the diamir binding on their everday ski. They say the only thing they don't do with this setup is get big air. If you put a pair of these binding on a nice powder ski, I don't think you will be dissapointed in skiiing either backcountry or lift served area. :
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What everyone else said.

The Trekkers are a reasonably good solution for someone who wants to test out the "concept" of hiking for turns, in that you don't buy any other gear and can just use your existing alpine boots/bindings/skis.

If, however, you're going to end up doing a fair amount of skinning, you will most likely end up disliking the Trekkers. They are relatively clumsy and make for a pretty heavy overall setup. The Diamirs (or Freerides if you really need the additional DIN setting) are much more convenient, lighter, and easier to skin/kickturn with.

The nice thing about the Fritschi's is that you can use your alpine boots if you choose. I'll tell you, though, that if you end up doing a lot of skinning/climbing, you'll probably also end up getting AT boots.

Unfortunately, AT is not exactly a cheap sport to get started with (boots, bindings, skins, avy probe, beacon, training, etc.) but the rewards are enormous and the gear lasts much longer.

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My original mark 1 diamirs lasted 16 weeks before a small bit of one toepeice broke off. They were still usable after this but one side of the boot toe was a little loose. This was with normal abuse such as kicking snow off boots, throwing the skis in the baskets on helicopters and whatever airport luggage handlers get up to.

Fritchi supplied me with a replacement at a very reasonable charge. The only other thing that broke on them was a crack in one of the heel lifters (again still useable) and this was replaced free of charge as it was a known problem which is fixed in the mark II diamir.

I now have a pair of mark II diamirs and apart from not kicking snow off the boots on the toepiece any more I treat them much as I would any other binding. Oh, and the one other thing I avoid is stepping into the binding when they are in the elevated position.

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Thanks all for your comments. I will now have to go look at each product. For those suggesting the diamir II, I appreciate it but I do ski at DIN of 10.
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