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Telluride map question

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So I skied Telluride last weekend and I noticed a lot of tracks going down into the area I have circled below but no official trails.  Anyone know what is down in the bottom of that canyon and if you can ski it back down into the resort? 


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I've noticed that and wondered as well.


Google Earth shows a fairly steep-walled valley leading into a creek at the valley floor. That is a long valley, too.


My guess is descending from the base of Prospect lift would suck- the steep walls pushing you downhill until you were down flat in the creek with a long way to slug out.  If that creek stays running in the winter, even worse.


It looks like there could be decent stuff skiing down from Ute Park or Polar Queen runs, IF you can stay out of the valley floor.

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Paging @Fritzski

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