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Things to Do in Denver

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We have a 5:00 Sat flight out of Denver.  We check out of Breck at 10:00 am.  Going to head directly towards Denver after checkout.  Have looked for something to do for a couple hours to occupy time.  Did the Gold mine tour thing last year. 


What about touring the Bronco's stadium?  Anybody done that or recommend anything better?

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Depends what you are into.


Capitol Building (not sure if they are still renovating it)

16th Street Mall/Larimer Square- outdoors restaurants and shops if the weather is nice

Coors Field &/or Mile High (Broncos)- not sure if they are open to public

US Mint- not sure if they have tours

all of the above (except Mile High which is just the other side of I-25) are in the downtown area so you can walk and/or take the free 16th Street Mall bus from one to the other.


Bass Pro Shop (Huge- part of the Northfields Outdoor Mall right off I-70)

Cherry Creek Mall/Shopping District

Denver Zoo

Museums (I think the Natural History has the Imax theater)

9 Holes of Golf if the weather is nice

A variety of Parks/Rec areas

Boulder/Pearl St- a bit out of your way but doable

Coors Brewery (in Golden, never been myself)

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^^^ Great list.  I'll add a few around Golden on the West side of town right where I-70 drops out of the mountains:

Dinosaur Ridge

The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

Downtown Golden

Plus the Coors Brewery tour mentioned above.


Be careful about traffic getting from Golden to the Airport.  Weekdays 3:30 to 6:30p can be slow but it's always bad 4:45 to 6 or so.

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Denver Art Museum. There's an exhibition of French paintings that's pretty fine. (you need tickets for it though) Don't know if the Thomas Moran show is still up but that was really fabulous. 


Colorado History Museum. (new museum opened recently) fun with kids.


Second Denver Zoo. It's one of the great zoos.

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I couldn't resist given the title of this thread.


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I almost forgot, Casa Bonita!!!!


It's always been famous in Denver, but South Park made it famous world wide.  Here's a funny mashup of the South Park episode and the real thing for those who have never heard of it:




And the full episode if you are bored waiting for snow:

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This one has pictures of most of the places mentioned:



I like the first version for the music, though.

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Thanks all.  Much good info.


Denver Mint doesn't do tours on Saturday, so that's out.  Not much into the shopping scene.


Ended up booking a tour of Sports Authority (mile-high) field.  Looks pretty interesting.

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If you are an alcohol person, you could do worse than drinking some beer.  Denver (and the rest of Colorado) is really a beer mecca.


Wynkoop is one we like, specifically the chili beer.


Stranahans makes some quality small batch Whiskey. The rack house next store serves other Colorado distiller's stuff as well.


You mentioned gold mine- if you have a historical interest, you should head over to the Colorado Railroad Musuem in Golden.

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Just a follow-up.  Had a great time at Breck with my 2 sons.


We did the Sports Authority (Bronco's stadium) tour the Sat. afternoon before we flew out.  It was well worth it and would highly recommend it.  Quite a nice stadium and was very interesting seeing the suites, press boxes, and visitor's locker room.

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Sounds like a great trip for you and the sons!
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